Please I need URGENT HELP

Today I found out the all my zcash are in Zcash4win and it gives me thie error

an unexpected error occurred when updating the GUI state . please ensure that the zcash daemon is running

error response from wallet: error code: -2

safe mode: your client is out of date and incompatible with the Overwinter network upgrade. Please update to a recent version of Zcash.

please all my mining coins are there, I need your HELP .

You need to update to WinZec 2.01. Zcash4Win is the old version of the wallet and backup your wallet before you upgrade.

thanks for your help.
how can I do that, Please

First, backup your wallet.dat file from Zcash4win located in %AppData%\Zcash\ folder by making a copy of it onto an external flash drive or something.

Then install WinZEC from


Thank you Paige, it works fine.


Problem has been resolved