Zcash4win problem with address

Hi, i have one problem and i hope someone can help me

I started mining using one gtx 970, and after i added one more, but when i started mining i decided to use zcash4win as my wallet, instaled it, generated address and added that address into miner.
After some while my ssd stoped working, and my computer doesnt see it, so i had to use another hdd for my mini rig, but since the address is on my ssd that broked i cant access my wallet, that is no harm done, coz i sent all my zcash that i had to excange, but i instaled system on new hdd, and let them run, now they have dig ~0.1 zec and those “funds” are on address that i used 1st time but i cant access that address using zcash4win.

Is there any solution for my problem?

Unfortunately you need to access the drive that has zcash4win to get the private keys to that address. Did you make a backup of your wallet anywhere else?

You should change your mining payout address to one you can access.

Unfortunatly i cant access rhe drive, it is not seen by computer, i know the adress, i just dont want the coins to go to waste :persevere:

anyone with solution?

The solution was already provided. Unfortunately, you need access to the private keys which would be a backup of the original wallet.dat. If you cannot access the drive, you cannot access that wallet.

I’m going to assume you’ve attempted to access the drive using another computer? If the drive is dead and you did not have a backup, the wallet died with it sadly.