(I apologize in advance if I should’ve placed this in another forum)

Hello Zcash Community!

I had a zcash community forum account previously but I cant seem to remember my login info, which is ok because it let me create this account. Long story short…

I see the importance of zcash. Privacy is a fundamental human right. I want to build a community focused on spreading this truth.

I have a full time job and family and stuff, so I hope the zcash community can assist me in this effort! (Im not asking for money, Im asking for your Content Contributions! I will only apply for a Zcash Community Grant IF I can garner enough grass roots support from the community to pursue this endeavor.)
I would like to include the following:

  1. book reviews, podcast, and content relevant to Privacy.
  2. Zcash community artwork, memes, NFT’s, short stories, and pretty much anything else the Zcash community can come up with.
  3. Links, Links, and more Links to other Zcash Community content, Zcash Media, Community Forum, links to pages/websites of other Zcash community members

I currently have a Free2z page where I just threw a few ideas on the page. I do see a very unique position for Zcash in the future…

In any event, I will be building this site as I can. Any community support is much appreciated. Retweeting would be cool!