Mastering Zcash

Dear Zcash Community,

First of all thank you for hosting the twitter space of today!

During the twitter space I was inspired about what was discussed about the self funding mechanism that Zcash has built in and how anyone with an idea can propose this to the community with the aim of getting support and funding.

So here I am giving it a shot @ZcashGrants!

I want to go on the journey of writing the ebook “Mastering Zcash” similar to “Mastering Bitcoin”.

Due to various constraints I haven’t took the so called “leap of faith” yet. My reason for wanting to take on such a challenge is that during all my time lurking around in the crypto space I have always felt I wanted to contribute meaningfully but shied away due to the technical complexity usually involved. My thinking is that when I have completed the first version of “Mastering Zcash” I’ll be well able to contribute meaningfully to the Zcash ecosystem and create a guide for anyone seeking to do the same and is starting from zero.

I’m eager to hear what the Zcash community thinks of my idea.

  • LaymanFrankz

Hi, and welcome to the forums @LaymanFrankz :slightly_smiling_face:

That sounds like an interesting idea for a project, I have a couple questions about it.

Were you involved in the “Mastering Bitcoin” project?

What would you say your current mastery of Zcash is? Do you use Zcash, run a node, write code, etc?

A bit about your background would help ZCG get an idea of the likely hood of success for such a project.


No I wasn’t involved with the “Mastering Bitcoin” project. My current mastery of Zcash is negligible, I own ZEC and have onboarded some friends and family members. A real layman :slight_smile:


  • BSc Artificial Intelligence
  • Pursuing MSc Datascience
  • No experience with writing books
  • No experience with cryptography
  • Can write in C++ and Python

Hence the username and corresponding new Twitter account :wink:

So the idea is that you begin from where you are now, learn, document, write, and end up with a book at the end so that others can do the same?

What kind of timeframe and budget did you have in mind to go on this journey down the Zcash rabbit hole? :rabbit2:


I’ve determined that funding through the community grants would not be the best path forward for this project. Alot of great resources are available and I’d be gratefull for community support and guidance. Perhaps a free2z page would be more appropriate, for a nice cup of coffee.

If there are others looking to work on “Mastering Zcash”, DM is open.

Oh no, I hope I didn’t offend you with my few questions? Didn’t mean to scare you off.

I do think the idea has merit. If you choose to use free2z instead be sure to tweet about it, I would be happy to re-tweet your work for donations.

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For Mastering Zcash, you need to partner up with a wallet developer or Zcash core dev


Not at all! it did help me cool off the “hype”. It just occurred to me that I don’t have the credentials to guarantee its completion within a set timeframe. Futhermore, it just felt inappropriate to use grant funds to finance my “Mastering Zcash” journey, it would basically be “unfair” to most other community members who done so without funding.

Could you elaborate with what you mean with “partner up”? It would be great if this was viable given their busy schedules and all, perhaps I can pose any questions here or elsewhere for them to answer whenever they have time?

@Shawn it would mean alot to me if you could give me feedback on my free2z page: Free2z