Zcashcli how to import extended private key?


is it possible to import an extended private key?

I´m using zecWallet qt for windows and zcashcli version 2000350 on Windows.

So I have a ledger nano s seed and generated the private keys from that.

now i can import each individual private key for special addresses.

But is there a way to import the extended private key, so that my new generated addresses are from that imported key?

thanks for help and best regards,


You can only import individual private keys for each addresses as zcashd doesn’t support HD wallets for transparent addresses.

ZecWallet (previously zec-qt-wallet) allows you to paste in multiple keys though to import so I would simply export and then bulk import all corresponding private keys. There is some more detail here: https://docs.zecwallet.co/faq/#can-i-import-private-keys-from-a-recovery-phrase-bip39-mnemonic

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OK, thanks for your reply.