Trying to import private keys without having to download the whole blockchain

Any wallets can do it?

I tried ZecWallet FullNode, ZecWallet Lite and Unstoppable and none appear to be able to do it (the fullnode version is the only one that can import them but I have to download the whole blockchain)

Is it a shielded address key? The newest Zecwallet lite can import z address private keys.


non-shielded addresses and I have 100s of them (ZecWallet Lite can only import one shielded address at a time)

Downloading the blockchain takes a while. I started a new node a day and a half ago maybe and its currently at 31% but it seems to go a little faster as the height goes up past 50% or so (I think because of the upgrades). I’ll let you when mine syncs up, just gotta be patient

98% now