Having a very difficult time importing private keys into Zcash4win

I have been trying to import my Exodus Eden Zcash keys on to Zcash4win for many days.
First I used the “import private keys” function and loaded the CSV file directly; after Zcash4win synced to 100% nothing showed up, zero balance.
So now I tried the “import one private key” option, and let it sync to 100% and nothing.
I’m using a windows 8.1 machine.
Do the keys come in instantly after 100% synced, or do you have to wait hours?
Can anyone please give me some step by step advice to import Exodus Eden keys to Zcash4win.
For a month Zcash has been unusable on Exodus Eden, and many people are struggling to import private keys, no real advice in on Reddit to be helpful.
Thank you.:grinning:

From my understanding you cannot import the CSV file that’s exported by eden… You have to open the exported eden CSV file locate all the private keys which have balances and then import each individually…

I have imported a single key, via the option you recommended,
I’m currently re-scanning the block-chain, and will check back in to let you know how it goes.
I’m assuming if the key worked it will show immediately after the chain is at 100%?
Once the chain is synced, if it doesn’t show, can I add a key without re-syncing?

Yes if the key did have a balance after your’re 100% synced… To save yourself some time you could always just check the keys via a blockchain explorer to see which ones in the CSV file have balances attached to them… not 100% sure on if you would have to re-sync if a balance does not show… If you run into that scenario i would honestly do as i mentioned above with checking them on blockchain explorers before importing them…

With private keys you can import your wallet. If it is 100% synced then it will show success message. All funds and transaction associated with the address should get imported. Have not used Exodus, but I think its similar to Jaxx. Here I found a informative article explaining about importing private keys to Zcash4win. Anyone who is still having trouble should find this helpful.
There is too much information, jump to import part.

Importing private keys to Zcash4win