Zcashd DNS err

we have started zcash node in our cloud provider server , After configuring the node to run on mainnet we saw the following logs. we wanted to know weather our node as started
properly and If not what could be the issue ?

This script is no longer needed for users of zcashd. Proving system
parameters now only need to be downloaded in order to spend Sprout funds.
Parameters for other pools are bundled with the zcashd binary or generated
when it is run, and do not need to be downloaded or stored separately.
This script is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

If you need to spend Sprout funds, download the Sprout parameter file from
https://download.z.cash/downloads/sprout-groth16.params and put it at

Starting: zcashd -printtoconsole -addnode=mainnet.z.cash
*2024-05-07T07:39:17.056587Z INFO main: *

2024-05-07T07:39:17.056619Z INFO main: Zcash version v5.9.0
2024-05-07T07:39:17.056637Z INFO Init: main: InitParameterInteraction: parameter interaction: -bind set → setting -listen=1
2024-05-07T07:39:17.056647Z INFO Init: main: InitParameterInteraction: parameter interaction: -whitelistforcerelay=1 → setting -whitelistrelay=1
2024-05-07T07:39:17.057337Z INFO Init: main: Using the ‘shani(1way,2way)’ SHA256 implementation
2024-05-07T07:39:17.057918Z INFO Init: main: Using BerkeleyDB version Berkeley DB 6.2.23: (March 28, 2016)
2024-05-07T07:39:17.057931Z INFO Init: main: Default data directory /srv/zcashd/.zcash
2024-05-07T07:39:17.057935Z INFO Init: main: Using data directory /srv/zcashd/.zcash/regtest
2024-05-07T07:39:17.057947Z INFO Init: main: Using config file /srv/zcashd/.zcash/zcash.conf
2024-05-07T07:39:17.057955Z INFO Init: main: Using at most 125 connections (1048576 file descriptors available)
2024-05-07T07:39:17.066324Z INFO Init: main: Using 16 MiB out of 16 requested for signature cache, able to store 524288 elements
2024-05-07T07:39:17.070631Z INFO Init: main: Using 8 MiB out of 8 requested for Sapling bundle cache, able to store 262144 elements
2024-05-07T07:39:17.074824Z INFO Init: main: Using 8 MiB out of 8 requested for Orchard bundle cache, able to store 262144 elements
2024-05-07T07:39:17.074838Z INFO Init: main: Using 4 threads for script verification
2024-05-07T07:39:17.075064Z INFO Init: main: Sprout parameters will be fetched from /srv/zcashd/.zcash-params/sprout-groth16.params if needed
2024-05-07T07:39:17.075073Z INFO Init: main: Sapling parameters are bundled in this binary
2024-05-07T07:39:17.075077Z INFO Init: main: Orchard parameters are generated deterministically
2024-05-07T07:39:17.075111Z INFO main: scheduler thread start
2024-05-07T07:39:17.273777Z INFO Init: main: Loading Orchard parameters
2024-05-07T07:39:22.025535Z INFO Init: main: Loaded proof system parameters in 4.950421s seconds.
2024-05-07T07:39:22.025744Z INFO Init: main: WARNING: option -rpcbind was ignored because -rpcallowip was not specified, refusing to allow everyone to connect
2024-05-07T07:39:22.025851Z INFO Init: main: libevent: getaddrinfo: address family for nodename not supported
2024-05-07T07:39:22.025862Z INFO Init: main: Binding RPC on address ::1 port 8232 failed.
2024-05-07T07:39:22.026013Z INFO Init: main: HTTP: creating work queue of depth 16
2024-05-07T07:39:22.026110Z INFO Init: main: Config options rpcuser and rpcpassword will soon be deprecated. Locally-run instances may remove rpcuser to use cookie-based auth, or may be replaced with rpcauth. Please see share/rpcuser for rpcauth auth generation.
2024-05-07T07:39:22.026169Z INFO Init: main: HTTP: starting 4 worker threads
2024-05-07T07:39:22.026433Z INFO Init: main: Using wallet wallet.dat
2024-05-07T07:39:22.026445Z INFO Init: main: init message: Verifying wallet…
2024-05-07T07:39:22.026596Z INFO Init: main: CDBEnv::Open: LogDir=/srv/zcashd/.zcash/regtest/database ErrorFile=/srv/zcashd/.zcash/regtest/db.log
2024-05-07T07:39:22.028291Z INFO Init: main: Bound to
2024-05-07T07:39:22.028365Z INFO Init: main: Cache configuration:
2024-05-07T07:39:22.028378Z INFO Init: main: * Using 56.2MiB for block index database
2024-05-07T07:39:22.028383Z INFO Init: main: * Using 106.4MiB for chain state database
2024-05-07T07:39:22.028387Z INFO Init: main: * Using 287.3MiB for in-memory UTXO set
2024-05-07T07:39:22.028390Z INFO Init: main: init message: Loading block index…
2024-05-07T07:39:22.028454Z INFO Init: main: Opening LevelDB in /srv/zcashd/.zcash/regtest/blocks/index
2024-05-07T07:39:22.288469Z INFO Init: main: Opened LevelDB successfully
2024-05-07T07:39:22.288521Z INFO Init: main: Opening LevelDB in /srv/zcashd/.zcash/regtest/chainstate
2024-05-07T07:39:22.294898Z INFO Init: main: Opened LevelDB successfully
2024-05-07T07:39:22.294933Z INFO Init: main: LoadBlockIndexDB: last block file = 0
2024-05-07T07:39:22.295046Z INFO Init: main: LoadBlockIndexDB: last block file info: CBlockFileInfo(blocks=0, size=0, heights=0…0, time=1970-01-01…1970-01-01)
2024-05-07T07:39:22.295055Z INFO Init: main: Checking all blk files are present…
2024-05-07T07:39:22.295061Z INFO Init: main: LoadBlockIndexDB: transaction index disabled
2024-05-07T07:39:22.295065Z INFO Init: main: LoadBlockIndexDB: insight explorer disabled
2024-05-07T07:39:22.295068Z INFO Init: main: LoadBlockIndexDB: light wallet daemon disabled
2024-05-07T07:39:22.295108Z INFO Init: main: Initializing databases…
2024-05-07T07:39:22.295311Z INFO Init: main: Pre-allocating up to position 0x1000000 in blk00000.dat
2024-05-07T07:39:22.299421Z INFO Init: main: init message: Verifying blocks…
2024-05-07T07:39:22.299439Z INFO Init: main: block index 271ms
2024-05-07T07:39:22.299443Z INFO Init: main: init message: Loading wallet…
2024-05-07T07:39:22.985947Z INFO Init: main: nFileVersion = 5090050
2024-05-07T07:39:22.985971Z INFO Init: main: Keys: 0 plaintext, 0 encrypted, 0 w/ metadata, 0 total
2024-05-07T07:39:22.985976Z INFO Init: main: ZKeys: 0 plaintext, 0 encrypted, 0 w/metadata, 0 total
2024-05-07T07:39:23.003821Z INFO Init: main: Performing wallet upgrade to 60000
2024-05-07T07:39:30.074335Z INFO Init: main: CWallet::NewKeyPool wrote 100 new keys
2024-05-07T07:39:30.346664Z INFO Init: main: wallet 8047ms
2024-05-07T07:39:30.347056Z INFO main: txnotify thread start
2024-05-07T07:39:30.347544Z INFO main: UpdateTip: new best hash=029f11d80ef9765602235e1bc9727e3eb6ba20839319f761fee920d63401e327 height=0 bits=537857807 log2_work=4.0874628 tx=1 date=2011-02-02 23:16:42 progress=1.000000 cache=0.0MiB(0tx)
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353355Z INFO Init: main: mapBlockIndex.size() = 1
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353369Z INFO Init: main: nBestHeight = 0
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353374Z INFO Init: main: setKeyPool.size() = 100
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353378Z INFO Init: main: mapWallet.size() = 0
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353382Z INFO Init: main: mapAddressBook.size() = 1
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353510Z INFO Init: main: init message: Loading addresses…
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353515Z INFO main: torcontrol thread start
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353567Z ERROR Init: main: Read: Failed to open file /srv/zcashd/.zcash/regtest/peers.dat
2024-05-07T07:39:30.353600Z INFO Init: main: Invalid or missing peers.dat; recreating
2024-05-07T07:39:30.384643Z INFO Init: main: init message: Loading banlist…
2024-05-07T07:39:30.384668Z ERROR Init: main: Read: Failed to open file /srv/zcashd/.zcash/regtest/banlist.dat
2024-05-07T07:39:30.384673Z INFO Init: main: Invalid or missing banlist.dat; recreating
2024-05-07T07:39:30.386678Z INFO Init: main: init message: Starting network threads…
2024-05-07T07:39:30.386935Z INFO main: dnsseed thread start
2024-05-07T07:39:30.386950Z INFO main: Loading addresses from DNS seeds (could take a while)
2024-05-07T07:39:30.386956Z INFO main: 0 addresses found from DNS seeds
2024-05-07T07:39:30.386962Z INFO main: dnsseed thread exit
2024-05-07T07:39:30.387073Z INFO main: opencon thread start
2024-05-07T07:39:30.387095Z INFO main: net thread start
2024-05-07T07:39:30.387188Z INFO main: addcon thread start
2024-05-07T07:39:30.387294Z INFO Init: main: init message: Done loading
2024-05-07T07:39:30.387333Z INFO main: msghand thread start
2024-05-07T07:40:31.399063Z INFO main: Adding fixed seed nodes as DNS doesn’t seem to be available.

Find our configuration file below;-
rpcuser=myrpcuser # Replace with your desired RPC username
rpcpassword=myrpcpassword # Replace with your desired RPC password
rpcport=8232 # Port for RPC connections

Any sort of help or guidance is appreciated, Thank You !!

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Its complaining about the DNS seeder :thinking:

are you running the node is regtest by any chance :question:
if you need mainnet :
add these lines to your config:

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I wonder if it’s invoking regtest because it’s ‘bind’-ing on the local port, that might need to be ‘rpcbind’, or ‘rpcallow’. ‘bind’, I believe, is for the node traffic and not the rpc. I dont think ‘rpcconnect’ is a valid flag.

Thanks for supports, I have tried this one also , manual installation its working fine. while trying to run in docker I am facing the same issue

post the docker file if you can and how you run it.