Zcashd is not downloading blockchain

I recently got the latests version of the zcash client. It is the first time running the software.

Zcashd download and connects are both 0, even after hours of having it turned on.

Did anyone in the community run in to this issue?

Here is my configuration settings:


Here is a screenshot of what zcashd terminal looks like:

My first guess would be your firewall. Is port 8233 open?

Hi thanks. I think that might be the case. Debug log does show 2018-05-29 06:43:43 socket recv error Connection reset by peer (104).

I don’t think this will help but when debugging it’s usually best to simplify everything else so it’s easier to highlight the issue. Is this your full config file? There isn’t actually a setting mainnet in zcashd (at least it isn’t documented) so I’d probably strip that out together with that extra node you have in there. If you are indeed using the latest version then you don’t need any disabledeprecation settings in there either. Shut down zcashd then edit the config file to just the below and restart.