Zcashd >> Zebra migration?

From this post

I am lead to believe there will not be a new release of zcashd after 0.5.7 this was release 12 weeks ago and zcashd requires a new push every 16 weeks. From blockchair 150 nodes are running the latest version of zcashd, I cannot see any running zebra however this could be because the api for node info doesnt return a magic bean(?)

  1. Will all 150 nodes go offline in 3 weeks
  2. Is there a better public node explorer
  3. how are zebra nodes indexed

If I recall correctly, this was discussed in the last Arborist call and a new release was going to be cut just extending the EOS halt.


Well that was an informative read… not an optimistic one though. At least I don’t have to change anything over the holidays :slight_smile:

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I’ll run the crawler again but last I checked there was about 8 that it found. Zcashd will need to have a new version eos halt change but thats about it. RPC functionality for zebra supports lightwalletD infrastructure and mining. It can’t currently support block explorers or anything else that requires those unsupported calls. Zebrad 1.5.0 was releases two weeks ago so its eos halt is still a ways off. 1.4.0 is about 8 weeks old.