ZcashMiner -- AWSOptimized, 500sols 1070

Hey guys i made a zcash miner optimized for AWS that gets about 500 sol/s on my 1070

try it out let me know what you think !

Added benchmark which test each solver on miner start and select fastest for each card.
Added option --solver to manual solver selection.
Added option --eexit to exit when the miner fails, it will allow you to use a script to automatically restart or perform other actions
Added option --log logging to a file.
Minor optimizations of solvers and working loop as a result 1 - 4% speed increase depends on card model.
Thanks to new solvers now this version must work with old gpus better.
For more info about new options see help -h for short explanation and examples.


Can u post a proof an example for ur bat file

Chrome blocks the download! It may be a malware.

I have removed the link in the first post.

Suspected Malware, new user Account and information in the OP does not add up. User has been banned.

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