Miner- Optiminer/Zcash GPU miner v1.7!

New zcash GPU miner for Linux: https://github.com/Optiminer/OptiminerZcash

It is closed source and contains a dev fee.

Windows and Linux 64bit only.
Radeon cards only.

If you think you have found a bug, please follow these instructions.



Some more words about me: I am an experienced mining software developer. As you can see on my github repository, I already did the optimization for the CPU miners for HOdlcoin and zcoin.

What’s the devfee %? How is it implemented? Can it be turned off? Have a README with settings?

All the shown hash rates are netto (with dev fee deducted). This should be the only thing that matters for miners.

Starting with -h gives you a list of all flags:
$ ./optiminer-zcash -h

Version 0.1.1 fixes immediate crashes on startup.

Version 0.2 optimizes solution assembly and filters invalid solutions on the GPU instead of the CPU which gave another 10-20% improvement!

Congratulations on your super fast miner. Would you please add AVX1 instruction set support?

I saw something about messaging you for additional GPU’s etc for farms. I have 225 Rx480’s and 50 Fury but I use a monitoring program and it is set up on WIndows. If you decide to do a windows setup and Rx480’s I will be glad to pay your fee :slight_smile:


Smells scammish …Any volunteers to run this on rx470/480? Keep your wallets away from this.

Version 0.3.0 has a major change in the way the binary is distributed. It should now work with all radeon cards. I have tested it on RX470 as well now where it does about 120S/s.

Sorry for the troubles so far, I hope things will go smoother now.

Once the linux version is running fine, I will try to make a windows build.

OMG what is the dev fee?
just download, make and run?

Any possibilities for CUDA reaching these hashrates? I only have a GTX1070 … I’m seriously thinking of replacing it with a R9 nano or sth (if Nvidia never wins AMD on equihash …)

Compile for Windows and I’ll consider giving it a try.


Same, Im too lazy to mess around. I haven’t slept well since launch :stuck_out_tongue:

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120s is real hope win

It also for now seems quite shady with a closed source miner showing 50%+ performance over previous highest with unknown dev fee.


I like other people being guinea pigs (unless it’s a trusted member) :joy:


My 370 rigs went from 170H/s with claymore v1.1 to a whoopy 450H/s with v0.3 from Optiminer. Amazing works. Thanks again @optiminer.

I can assure you that it contains no backdoors or trojans or viruses. As said before I have developed many miners before. One for HOdlcoin and also for ZCash. You can see this on my github account.

I decided this time to go the dev fee way as donations have not worked well so far and selling it privately is a tedious work and IMO also less fair as this will leave the field open for big miners only.

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Compile windows version and you have my 6 GPU miner working with it.


Windows version please :slight_smile: