Zcoin vs. Decred

What makes Zcoin better or different than Decred. Decred is also about to be released and agailable to the public. www.Decred.org

What are some of the similarities between Decred and Zcash?

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Great way to elaborate on my question… i was on the development team and although O didnt put a ton of input I did get to know the concept behind decred. I know little about Zcoin.

Who are the decred cryptographers doing the hard slog to ensure that project has a solid foundation?

is there any anonymity in Decred? I don’t find any mention of anonymity on the home page. Thus this thread appears to be an attempt to spam the Zerocash forum and attain free publicity.

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I vaguely remember Decred but I’m not sure how it relates to Zcash. Our cryptocurrency is trying to create a far more private and anonymous system for users, using zk-SNARKs and the zerocash protocol. I don’t think that’s a goal for Decred.

i guess it doesnt really matter the differences between them, people will choose which one they like the most.
i have yet to understand both tho so i can’t decide which one i like :v:

Why did you delete my post from this thread?

You censored all of my posts and thread. What is your problem?

Your posts were being automatically hidden because they appeared to be spam to the forum software. I believe I unhid all of your other posts last week, let me know if there’s any other problems.

decred address can change immediately without you setup wallet again and again