Zcon1 speaker list!

Here’s our preliminary speaker list and agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hcsi2Bd0CNuUuPiCKMavHOByFMnTsKkM6_Rw165_oe8/

If you live in North America, now is the best time to buy tickets to Split, Croatia.

Apply for an invitation! https://www.zfnd.org/zcon/


Thats gonna be awesome!


I looked into going, but it is almost (with legroom and not stuck in the middle seat) USD $1,900.00 for airfare alone. If Zcash hits $200 before the deadline hits I’ll apply for an invite.


Fair enough, it can definitely be spendy!

A question if you please, why was Croatia chosen as location for Zcash crypto conference?

If it was up to me, I would have chosen China (but maybe because of their ban it is not possible), so the next 2 options (Serbia or Georgia) that are shown on google trends would become more likely, or Bulgaria and Slovenia who are a lot of positions above. Croatia is #42 in searches for Zcash, and not to mention how unfriendly it is for visitors from neighbour state Serbia (where Zcash is popular) where they are being attacked on the streets ( https://swimswam.com/serbian-club-players-attacked-in-croatia-in-hate-crime/ ) , cars with their licence plates are being smashed etc, and are viewed as citizens of 2nd order.

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I’m sorry to hear about those Serbians being assaulted, and glad that the authorities seem to be taking it seriously.

We chose Croatia for a mix of reasons:

  • Wanting to be close in time and place to Crypto Summer School
  • Easy for most (although definitely not all) people to get visas, or travel there without one
  • Pleasant place for a conference + business infrastructure to run one

The location for Zcon2 hasn’t been definitively chosen or announced, but it’s likely to be on a different continent. Zcon0 was in North America, Zcon1 will be in Europe, so we’re hoping to bounce somewhere else for Zcon2. Again, no promises, since we haven’t nailed down the details, but that’s what the Zcash Foundation wants to do.

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I would imagine Slovenia would have been much better choice, its also in the EU, and population there are much more open to crypto-currencies, but I guess It is a done deal for Zcon1 already.

I vote South America!!! (no surprise there)


And I vote South Africa :wink: