Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena?! Where will Zcon5 be?

With so many options… it seems like now might be good moment to start discussing where Zcon5 will be!

Maybe @Tecnopapapi or @Edicksonjga or @AuraBritoSM or @Cryptonativa or @Michae2xl or @pacu could weigh in!

Obviously, I have no opinion.


Maybe LA if we get traction, hit the big time and can get Ángel del Villar and Snoop Dogg to drop by. Other possible options in that neighborhood- Guadalajara, Cuidad de México, Austin Texas. Also in this hemisphere, Buenos Aires. I do hear good things about Columbia recently, could be good. I’ve never been to Africa and dont know about logistics there, could be a good fit somewhere. I think we should prioritize being frugal and finding perfect weather. /2zats


Tokyo or Banff please :slight_smile:

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Decentralize Zcon . Choose a different country/continent every time please and mingle with peoples . Japan China Argentina Turkey UAE etc .


Medellin would be very cool! UAE would be great also there is a huge crypto community there. Unfortunately UAE has taken a stance against privacy coins. Hopefully that changes and someone can educate their government on the benefits of them.


That’s exactly why those places should be a priority.

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:100: :joy:

Hey guys there is market fit in an area where Zcash should thrive


Try Turkiye . No ban . Crypto awareness max . Also good food .

cool… to start thinking, we can have in mind countries that are crypto-friendly would be interesting, like Swiss, Dubai, South Korea, Japan, Turkiye, South America as a whole, and what else? let’s put ideas on a list.


I think that ZCon attendees security is a must. There are places that are not safe because we are turned into a honeypot :honey_pot:

Also I would like the tone of the conference to change. I appreciate having stayed at the palms in Vegas or Hilton in Barcelona. Those are places I wouldn’t otherwise know from inside. But it feels so far away of the Zcash people wants to represent. That it troubles me.

I know that the scale of the logistics are only sometimes possible in such places so my ideas are probably just expressions of good will. I volunteered to help at a conference and I must say that it’s really hard to do. It might not be possible to gather all the people in different hotels to accommodate Zcon at a smaller venue.

Public colleges in Latin America would be awesome: La Plata, Buenos Aires, Rio, Mexico City, Caracas, Montevideo are great locations and have great universities. Zcash is science backed crypto, solid, no smoke and mirrors, universities would be a great setup. I would like to attract math students, new programmers, freshman designers, people that are looking for a place to start developing their careers. I think it would be refreshing!

but also it may have drawback on costs as well like a great deal of flying people far out.

@AuraBritoSM and I talked about Caracas and its pros and cons. Vito from Zcash Brasil also had a lot of ideas to host Zcon in Rio and taking advantage of great locations and BRL instead of USD costs.

I understand but that the resource constraints are complicated. And that although virtual seems the way to go, I believe that creativity is what defines Zcash and we will be able to pull it out.


Imagine that you are a crypto enthusiast studying math or engineering and you get to hear a master class from @ebfull @daira and @str4d on ZkSnarks, or a workshop on functional programming on rust with @nuttycom! Mind blowing!!!

That’s why I think that moving away from hotel conference is a win.


Virtual, smaller & frequent (quarterly?) - better for building engagement.


My preference is to have many events per year, maintaining Zcon as the “big” event, we still do Zcon Voices, then create 2 or 3 events at places that are easy and safe to access, at a small venue (basically meetup venues) at the same time as other related events that are happening in the same region.

This was the model for SquatConf, to “squat” (occupy) other conferences, often featuring alternative ideas. Checkout the videos for SquatConf Berlin 2016 to get a feel for the vibe.

All this provides folks more opportunities to attend on their own budget, staying at hostels or fancy hotels or on a friend’s couch, traveling by bus or train or flight. And, ZFAV has participants in many places who can join and assist me in the livestream production to make sure everything is shared for people who cannot attend.

The event itself can be very inexpensive and often just as beneficial for everyone involved as the big event is.

I got a little off-topic. Sorry.

Zcon5 should be in Krakow.


I like looking for non-trad venues!!

I don’t like tax-based institutions.


just curious is there any statistic from where the highest % of ppl have came to Zcon’s so far? us, eu, africa, asia, latin america?

imo many cities in eu could be nice and maybe also gud for budget

Budapest, Prague, Riga, maybe Berlin

somewhere in Brazil wud be nice also
also sum city in Ukraine if the war wasnt happenin

i have no idea how it will be chosen so yea any city will be nice as long as its not super far from most ppl and not top10 expensive in world.

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I think that the expensiveness of flights can be fixed by anticipating flights. Mine was sort of last minute and topped the cap that ZF would reimburse. Could have been somewhat cheaper if:
a) Zcon was off-season
b) Flight had been booked 3 or more months earlier (max anticipation by flight providers is12 months)

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by “fixed” I mean lowered. Long flights will be expensive always.

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Having been an active member of the conference, and having enjoyed the live format (nice to meet all the fellow zcashers), I have to +1 on the idea of repeating it. I would be contrary to a Zcon more than twice a year, because that would (IMHO) lower the participation.

What I would propose for the future is to decentralize the Zcon, making 2 or 3 meetings in different continents in the same weekend, so that most people will stay in their own time zone, and subsidise accommodation and travel expenses instead of fully funding it. Having real time cameras around so that we feel more or less connected.

Also, use more the regional ambassadors for local contact, and try to find universities interested in hosting the meetings in exchange for some workshops for the students, funding only catering/coffee. I think anyway there are many versions of this, this is just a loose proposal :smiley: happy to be a part of the community!


This is a great idea and makes the most sense to me.


Coordinating this sounds like a fun and interesting challenge. Count me in!