Zcon3 Speaker Announcement Thread!

Starting today we will be announcing Zcon3 Speakers!

First up is Jordi Baylina, an outstanding member of the Ethereum community and part of the White Hat Group. He’s the co-founder of iden3 and the main contributor to circom and snarkjs. Currently, he’s the technical lead at Polygon Hermez, building a zkEVM.



Next up is @LeCryptoMath, Daniel Benarroch has 8 years of experience in cryptographic research. He has designed and built several products based on privacy-enhancing techniques and is currently leading strategy and the Research team at QEDIT.



Jack(@str4d) is a cryptographic engineer who started at the ECC as a software engineer & ex-physicist in 2016. He built Zcash’s PoW subsystem & has since contributed to the design & implementation of most of the consensus protocol changes. The first half of this talk will cover an overview of the Orchard protocol and provide a medium-level introduction to Halo 2. The second half of the talk will go into detail about the work that ECC did to achieve the performance goals for the Orchard circuit.



Pratyush Mishra is a cryptographer at Aleo, working on developing & implementing zkSNARKs. He recently completed his PhD from UC Berkeley, where his research focused on new constructions and applications of zkSNARKS. In this talk, Pratyush will introduce a new paradigm for Proof Carrying Data constructions that rely on much simpler ingredients while simultaneously improving asymptotic and concrete efficiency.



Elizabeth Crites is a research scientist at the University of Edinburgh. She holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Brown University, an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University, & a BSc in Mathematics from the U of Western Ontario. Elizabeth will discuss how they were able to uncover a more efficient version of FROST. FROST is a threshold signature scheme developed by researchers at the Zcash Foundation and the University of Waterloo.



@daira Hopwood is a cryptographic engineer with the Electric Coin Co. Ze contributed to the design of the Sprout, Sapling and Orchard shielded protocols, designed the Pasta curves, and is a ZIP Editor & the lead author of the Zcash protocol spec. Daira’s talk will be a deep dive into the security properties of the Zcash protocol and the cryptographic assumptions they depend on. It aims to give an intuitive but detailed explanation of why Zcash is private, maintains balance, and enforces spend authorization.



Chris Tomeo has been Head of Growth Marketing at the Electric Coin Co since February. He started working on Zcash-related projects in 2018 when his agency AdjyCo was hired to help with the Zcash brand, messaging and web projects. Chris’ presentation will focus on ECC’s marketing research and PR approach as well as its growth plans across different segments.



Kurt Opsahl is the Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He represents clients on civil liberties, free speech and privacy law, and counsels on EFF projects and initiatives. Opsahl will discuss the importance of protecting and preserving civil liberties through technologies, and the “why” behind financial privacy - the fundamental rights at issue, including avoiding financial censorship and keeping the power of existing centralized hubs in check.