Zdash.info - a dashboard to measure shielded adoption

I know that measuring shielded adoption - and the rate of increase in z2z transactions - has been an important concern for the community.

Inspired by Gareth Davies’ work in quantifying shielded adoption, and with the kind input and assistance of Gareth and Ian Miers, I have just launched zdash.info - a live dashboard for measuring shielded adoption.

Metrics for 8 separate categories of Zcash transactions can be tracked by the day, week, month, and year. All transaction data is updated hourly. In addition to transaction data, the site also supplies current network statistics as well as information on recently active accounts.

I hope the community finds zdash.info useful - I’m interested in continuing to expand the functionality and metrics in response to suggestions and feedback. In addition, am happy to share the repos to additional contributors.


I like how you’ve drawn attention to shielded, shielding, and unshielding for each pool. This will help draw some interesting conclusions as we watch adoption. Thanks for creating this!


Hey @elliotblanchard ! Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a really cool way to keep track of the network, thanks for building it!


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Nice! The website is not mobile friendly. Also domain name is DASH-y, would you consider changing it?

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Yeah, things get a bit squashed on mobile but if you click “desktop site” it resolves fine.

I think the name is ok, an abbreviation for Zcash Dashboard = Zdash and it avoids any possible TM issues since it doesn’t contain the word “Zcash” in it.

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Thank you for checking it out! And please keep the suggestions coming, def plan to keep implementing updates and new functionality.


Are you on Twitter @elliotblanchard ? So I can @ any questions to you?

That is a good reminder of the harm the current trademark policy is having on decentralization. This is a useful tool that is forced to choose an sub-optimal name for a reason that would not exist in the Bitcoin community.

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Thank you for building this and that you to Gareth Davies for the inspiration. Hopefully shielded adoption keeps climbing. This site will make it easier for more people to track it in near real time!

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Yes, I am @invisLightNet on Twitter.

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Disagree, there are plenty of provisions in the TM policy so someone doesn’t require permission to have a URL. For instance, ZcashDashboard or Zcashinfo or similar along with a disclaimer at the bottom that they are not directly affiliated with the Zcash Foundation would probably suffice.

Or someone can go the route I did when I made ZcashCommunity.com , simply ask for permission.


Thanks for linking the policy. It does look more flexible than I remembered.

I still wish no disclaimers or need to ask for permission were necessary. I understand why some parties want to retain control, I just don’t like it.


Hmm… would be cool to measure shielded adoption by project…

for example, z2z per daily active user on ZECpages.com versus, say, Cwtch or Zbay

then, @ZcashGrants could allocate wisely

Would it be possible to include a column on the graphs for current month to date? Maybe with a daily update at midnight UTC?