Zebra Progress Bars

I recently added an experimental progress-bars feature to Zebra.

Read more in my blog post, and let us know on this forum post:

  • what kinds of progress are your top priority, and what we can move to an expert mode
  • if there is any extra progress info you’d like to see

(We’d also like to remove the times from some progress bars where they don’t make sense.)


Looking good!


I’m glad we didn’t remove the data rate from the mempool, because it’s pretty useful now!

Happy to take feedback on which progress bars to move to detailed mode. We’ve already had a suggestion that the “Checkpoint Queue Height” (shown during the initial sync) should be in detailed.


Millions of dollars for development for… progress bars.


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hey. i like the new progress info and bars.

is it possible to make zebra show how much is in each shielded pools?
and all kinds of data. shielded txns in last 24h maybe? or does dat require sumting extra?


Functionality like that may be possible at some point. Some of that data can already be acquired with the various zebra features such as prometheus. Kibana explorer could provide some of that info but is currently testnet only


Yes, we have that data and we could update it after every block.

“last 24h” is more of a prometheus/grafana thing, it’s better at those kinds of time-based metrics. We don’t track them inside Zebra in a way that would be easy to add to a progress bar.

We could track the number of shielded transactions in the last 1 (or some other number) blocks. Would that be helpful?


This feature resulted from a two-week period, and a single person did it. It was part of a “free sprint” where devs could improve Zebra in any way they fancied. It’s the only such sprint we’ve ever had (as far as I remember), and its purpose was to lighten up the mundane dev work by doing something small and useful. Another feature that got merged was Elasticsearch + Kibana support and an Arch Linux package. The recent difference with the progress bars is that we included them in the release build.


If anyone is wondering about Zebra’s other features, there is a summary at the top of the README:

  • fast and efficient Zcash consensus-compatible node
  • compatible asynchronous parallel Zcash network stack
  • lightwalletd and mining RPC support

Zebra has improved security and performance, and it is easier to develop new features. You can read our stable release blog post for details. But one significant outcome is that core Zcash protocol development is moving to Zebra.

As part of the stable release, we asked the community what features or functionality they wanted to see in Zebra. Multiple people said that logs were hard to read, and they wanted a way to quickly check progress.

You can add your own suggestions for features on this forum post.


cool. i’d like to have dat. can i already enable it by sum lines of code? or does it need sum work? didnt find much from docs.

ok last 24h in prometheus is fine i guess.

last block info is not dat much interestin imo.

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I’ve added it to our list here: Tracking Issue: Progress Bar Improvements and Fixes · Issue #7786 · ZcashFoundation/zebra · GitHub

It might be a few months before we schedule that work, we’re still collecting feedback.


Have you played with Prometheus metrics + Grafana? Super fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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