ZEC/BTC interoperability

TL;DR - do i need to write a ZIP for deploying existing zcash tech??

believe ZEC/BTC interoperability is an upgrade zcash should undertake. if govs become really hostile towards true sound internet money will harm ZEC’s growth. think it’s a good decision to protect zcash by making sure people always have access to ZEC. BTC interop guarantees zcash will always be accessible as-long-as BTC’s accessible. know other projects do this, but zcash shouldn’t need to depend on a third party block chain to achieve interop.


What kind of interoperability are you thinking about?

If you are thinking about something that doesn’t require a network ugprade, the only current mechanism for interoperability would be the Bitcoin-inherited transparent scripting system. This is somewhat limited by what opcodes either side supports.

BTC atomic swaps (or some other logic that depends on parsing or validating parts of the BTC chain) should be possible to implement using WTPs (writing a ZIP that specifies a new WTP implementing the logic). Meanwhile the UDAs and Wrapped Assets ZIP could be used to define a mechanism for creating wrapped (shielded) BTC. Both of these are proposed for NU4, and if accepted and deployed in NU4 then a new ZIP using them could be deployed as early as NU5.


this works. think it would be amazing if this ZIP was accepted/deployed.

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This reminds me, what ever happened with BTC XCAT?

Seemed like a promising project that got left behind. Maybe a good idea for a new grant? Did @jasondavies drop the ball on this? :slightly_frowning_face:


Hey! Yes, various things got in the way of me completing this, but I’m actually working on it again so watch this space…