I need help

Hey everyone!
In January I posted this image: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
I want to create another one but I need some help from the community.

I want the “zebra unicorns” to represent different groups or people in the zcash ecosystem (f.e. the MGRC or the ZCash dev alliance)

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about them so I need some help on how I should draw them.

F.e. the MGRC could be a group of 5 zebras sitting together


Hi @CarlS ,

Ah yes, I remember The Zeal Battles the Troll Bear

I would say that your idea of 5 Zebras for the MGRC would be a good start. You can also wait until after the election if you wanted to make it more personalized since we will know who’s on the MGRC.

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