Idea for marketing/education

Hey all,

I was wondering about how to make zcash & cryptocurrencies known better to the masses provided that:
People don’t spend time on reading,
they have a short attention span
Many people don’t have a technical background (that could cover the cryptocurrency subject).
The few that have heard of it probably heard of it through the normal news which usually paint it as shady & risky (at least on my side of the world).

I liked the posters idea. I think they look good, but I don’t think they carry a lot of information for somebody that doesn’t know zcash. I imagine my parents looking at it for the art, but not having a clue of what the message is, and/or not having the interest to do some research on what zcash is.

What about a (few) one page infographic(s) explaining zcash in a way everybody could understand?
One that could explain what a distributed ledger is. Explaining this concept to the older generation can already take quite some time. How to translate this into a good looking poster?
Something that could be put in a public place and that would give a good overview in seconds.

The artist that did the posters has a really nice style. I wonder if it would not be possible to reuse his services for some of these infographics.

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The http/https comparison is probably the simpliest analogy so far

Yes. And it is a good one, but still too complicated for a big amount of people. I’m pretty sure that if we were to ask in the street whether people know about http vs https and how important it is, we wouldn’t have a lot of positive answers.

Maybe we should represent http/btc with a clear stream of info from A to B with eyes looking it and https/zec with an opaque tunnel from A to B …

Something that simple and visual for the people to understand what it is all about…


Along these lines, but less text and more visual?

(That PDF hasn’t been updated since Sapling, but I don’t think it’s severely out of date.)

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Seat belts.

Yes. Ideally as aesthetic as the posters, and as explanatory as your example … easy to say … :slight_smile:
I imagine that if you put that at a counter where people are waiting for their payment, they could spend a few seconds going through it, and know a bit more about this other payment possibility.

And maybe a few different ones to cover different aspects. I tried to find some existing examples for bitcoin vs banking system and this is what I found:

edit: another one:

Not the most appealing infographics out there …