Payout time is how long?

I haven’t received any transactions and I’ve been mining for a full day. Is it just a slow payout time?

You have provided no information for anyone to possible give you any type of answer.

WIthout knowing what GPUs you have and what pool, it is impossible to answer your questions. But the first thing to check is with the mining pool that you are earning something - for example on Flypool it shows you your confirmed/unconfirmed balance as well as your hashrate performance over the last 12 hours.

Each pool also has it’s own rules on minimum payout - so if it is, for example, 1 ZEC, then depending on your hashrate/number of GPUs then you have have to wait several days or weeks. 0.1 ZEC will obviously pay out faster.

It’s nanopool I’m using and I have a gtx 1070 Apparently nanopool pays out
about 7 times a day in small payouts

I have a hash rate and a balance on nanopool website but it’s not showing
up in my wallet

Please read the information on each pool - as I mentioned each pool has a minimum payout. For Nanopool this is 0.01 ZEC and they do pay out several times a day but you still need to reach 0.01 ZEC before you get paid to your wallet. With one 1070 you would expect to get 0.0057 per day…

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