Dose anyone get payout from Nanopool?

They said payouts 4 times a day, then I can get 0.041zec by the each day.

But could not reach for that from payments window. When you are going to pay out?

I’m confused what the issue is. It’s sending the ZEC to whatever address you specified it looks like (except the newest one, that one is still pending). I have gotten 3 payments from nanopool without any issue

I mean like the Approximated Earnings said 0.041 of the day. But I did not get payment like that. Why? I hope to get payment soon.

You were mining 12 hours and have a payment of 0.009+, balance 0.0045 +
0.0065 unconfirmed… It’s around 0.02 in 12 hours.
We have a custom earnings calculator, not a standart one,

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Thanks for support.
Any problem now at the service?

there was a statistic lag, but we’ve already fixed the issue and restore

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Thank you!! 20 characters

Hi, could you confirm if there are still statistical problems? I’m asking because the amount of shares submitted for me varies between 90 to 58 across a span of 5 hours even though the speed of miners is constant.

For whatever reason, there seems to be a lot of variation in the Sol/s they record (and therefore shares) even over 6 hours. But my payments have been good. I believe they are counted shares from your miner which varies for some reason, then back-estimating what the Sol/s should have been. On such things, 10% variance is expected for a miner doing only 20 Sol/s (giving me something like 150 shares per 6 hours and the expected variance is SQRT(150)/150 = 9%). I often show 10% more or less Sol/s on their website than on my desktop.

I believe the error they fixed is something else: there was a lag in payments on the first day. I hope their fix did not skip shares that were due.

There is one simple thing called luck that affects the amount of shares you find.

Yeah, I noticed that as well, my total hashing power, just by looking at my miners is 87.5 sols, but on the website, it goes to show as high as over 125 sols at some points, then as low as 60, but yeah, I calculated the payout, and it seems to be on the right track regardless of statistics.

Pool shows you speed based on number of submitted shares.We have high share
difficulty, so miner can find shares more often or not find for some time.
Please, wait for a longer period and check 6 Hrs average

Mining ok, until yesterday…??? try eu1 eu2 66666 etc

wrong host and port.

Ok thx, :flushed: the 6 happen later by my zelf,trying different settings. message in the morning not enable to connect.restart not help. it’s ok now

please help im new here. i also created a ticket. thank you so much

my eranings did not appeared on my zcash wallet

First and foremost, you’re posting about Flypool in a thread about nanopool from a year ago.

Second, take a look here to get the answer to your question: