Zec Price February 2017

Zec will keep declined or will be up again within this years???anybody want to elaborate about zec price?thanks

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such a convincing words from you sir. i hope thie zec will stand up again...3 months is very young and this coin will be start stable soon maybe in this end of 2017. but last time i was reading someone post in zec market

Zcash market prediction

what i am interested to highlight is Hello! My name is josh at DigitMint Inc. we are a digital assets firm that specializes in mining farms, legal matters and custom coin creation. That being said here is our prospectus for Zcash as well as ZcashCLASSIC(ZClassic).

and this

Our official market prediction:
December 2016 - February 2017
$40-80 per coin

March 2017-May 2017 $200-400

any words from u sir? thanks in advance

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Yes of course what would you like to know? As for my prospectus, it has
stayed true so far. We have seen a dip in price lately and this is most
likely due to the mergence of ZCash and Ethereum, more miners, and the
still lack of usability and adoption of ZCash. We need more apps and
merchants to accept it, and we also need miners to quit dumping the coin
until it has reached a price over $100. Why? $100 is a apex of sorts,
and for ZCash, it would hold for a long time there. Reason being is
because it's a lot easier for traders to plan orders around an amount
over $100. Don't ask me why I don't forex trade it's just what I've been
told. Plus they can make better margins the higher the value and

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yes many miner is mine zec at the beginning and dumping the coin since the price much higher.. then, now, keep decline but i am still believe that zec will stand up again. :). i am looking forward for this...

i love to highlight your words because want to see zec stand up and raise again... :slight_smile: .

Our official market prediction:
December 2016 - February 2017
$40-80 per coin ALMOST DONE

**March 2017-May 2017 $200-400 Incoming **

June 2017- $500+ Here we will see widespread use in underground channels. Hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would love to see ZEC at 200$ in March!

So, is ZEC has bottomed at 40$ ? :sweat_smile:

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Honestly what would boost the price is the acceptance of ZCash by dark net markets.

i dont think zec will get 200usd in march... it will be around 60 or stay about 40 usd only...lets wait and pray...ggwp

Yes, Maybe march is to close from now.
But it keep capitalizing : http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zcash/

But haven't a such volume...

actually it needed how much volume to make the price increase? does anyone know?

Okay so lets spam about zcash to everyone :smiley:
I bought 2 zec at 40$ hope it won't go to 10$ ..

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The darknet will take care of that .. They just have to take advantage of this "easy anon crypto"

But it to damn financed by US gov nope?

actually some of my friend said zcash no longer useful. means if u going to mine it, need to stop it. LOL..but for me. i am really enjoy doin some mine of zec.LUL

I don't see much arguments on why mining Zcash is no longer useful oO

$38.50 (-3.16%)
0.03766070 BTC (-5.97%)

coinmarketcap shows ZEC going down. 20$ by the end of Feb would be correct ..

The reality is price will continue bleeding due to massive inflation in first 4 years. Currently there are 580k coins in circulation while next 4 years it will be 11 millions. It is foolish to think $40 is the bottom.

:))) short term thinking

i think we need to wait for 4 years ahead since so many coin out there seems like fighting each other..:slight_smile:

i am still believing zec.... but we need sometimes maybe..

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With the good support on Zcash, investissor etc ..

Why there are not any plateform to use Zcash ? They just dev' the coins and not the use?

Like partnership with some enterprises?

wait someone exprience answer your question bro.. dont know about it