ZEC stuck in z-address. - 0.1 ZEC reward for help

I am in need of assistance in moving funds out of a z-address. I am not able to move any amount of funds from the z address. I have tried many different amounts and I am not able to move any amount of coin. I keep getting the following error: “18 bad txns-joinsplit-requirements-not-met”.

i would save your private keys and download another wallet/re-download your current wallet.

… then just import your keys.

if this works for you, send the .1 to the zec foundation

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this does not work either my friend. I uninstalled and reinstalled…no luck. thank you for the suggestion. I still am getting the same message.


fixed… imported private key to a diff wallet on a diff computer. worked like a charm. I have moved my cash out of the z address.

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