Zec.suprnova.cc down?

For some reason, I can no longer access my zec.suprnova.cc, I’ve attached the error message that states “Error connecting to database” Any ideas? Screenshot attached

Hi @kpkiss2 , I would try contacting suprnova ( @ocminer ) about the issue: https://twitter.com/SuprnovaPools?s=09

I don’t see Zcash listed on their website at the moment…

Me either… and they aren’t responding. I had a ton of coins on my account… I’m a bit nervous. Any recommendations?

Update: Just spoke with him — has been down for 2 years now.

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Same issue. Do you solve this ?

I want to withdraw my coins from zec.suprnova.cc, but I don’t know how…

Yep, but the coins have not yet been withdrawn.
He didn’t tell you how to withdraw?

message him directly on Bitcointalk forum, he will reply there brother.

They told me the pool was migrated to the assigned accounts… if you never assigned an account they were still migrated to somewhere… waiting to hear back as to where exactly they went.

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Hi, has anyone found out how to get the coins out of this no working pool?

No, they were helpless. Lost several thousand worth of coins