ZecHub Monthly Updates

Hello Everyone! Here are project updates to give a clear summary of ZecHub’s month.

Project Updates

Zero to Zero Knowledge twitter threads have been phased out and we have started a new Video Series: “Zcash Explained.”

The intention is to have a selection of playlists with videos such as high level view of how Zcash works / Installing a full node / Zcash on DEX / Namada Bridge explained, etc.

We held two Twitter Spaces with Decred & Phonon DAO available on youtube with ongoing scheduling for our next discussion.

Core team now coordinates using monday.com, this will allow us to better track progress on tasks & accurately relay this during meetings.

Weekly Sync meetings are a joy, so many active participants giving suggestions & opinions on how we can better serve the community. A DAO meeting was held last week with full breakdown of expenditure and budget allocations toward Tasks.

We had a guest from LeoFinance came on to talk about the project and invite the community to the platform. Meetings are held in the Zcash Global discord on Tuesdays. All meetings are recorded and available to Cypherpunk Zero NFT holders.

We also had sessions with Geobrowser on how to add Zcash and Privacy pages to their platform.

The ZFAV portal has two new guides on IPFS. A Calendar for the club is coming soon. This will enable a shareable link to all events, meetups & workshops hosted by ZFAV.

The DAO site is now up. We will be adding more sections to it in the near term.

@januszgrze has set up research and comms channels. He has also reserved time every Monday for anyone in @ZecHubCommunity to speak with.


Community involvement has been encouraging. Its great to see participation and planning between the different communities. This month community Github contributions far surpassed the core team.

We are super excited to share the videos @thedesertlynx has created for ZecHub. Can’t wait to share these!

A number of Tutorials and Shorts were created by the community. These have been a significant proportion of our Youtube traffic.

The Global Ambassadors have also been much more involved this month. Making invites to their communities to work on translations, design work and documentation.

Very grateful to @artkor, @Edicksonjga, @Olek, @tim_ukrainian and @vito for the weekly newsletters. These are needed for international visibility into the continual progress the Zcash ecosystem makes on a weekly basis. The first @ZcashNigeria newsletter with us soon thanks to @Hardaeborla.

Planned Steps

  • The main focus for ZecHub has been producing media content & are just now beginning to see positive results. We will continue to keep this a top priority.

  • We are in talks with a few other projects, more dates for Twitter Spaces TBA.

  • In an effort to recoup some percentage of operational costs, plans to offer a Subscription with exclusive items have been made. A Merch Store has been proposed with the DAO currently in discussion.

Thank you to all community contributors, the project moves forward because of your abundant dedication and skill.

If you have any suggestions please leave us a comment!