ZecHub Governance Updates

Hello Zcash Community

ZecHub has been in the process of decentralizing its operations and contributors since it began. The team has now set up a minimal viable governance structure, and is now officially a DAO!

The team will be posting any governance proposals in this forum thread so the community can stay up to date on this unique governance experiment. Here is a link to the hub’s first governance proposal.

Let us know what you think!

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Always good to be part of a DAO, especially ZecHub :heart:

Let’s build! :rocket:


Agreed! :heart_on_fire:


Let’s DAO :rocket:


ZecHub’s DAO is voting on a proposal to expand on Dismad’s grant Zcash Education Contributor (ZEC) - dismad, to include more ZecHub contributors and to build ZecHub to be the best resource for Zcash education.

The revised grant will include compensation for ZecHub’s 3 main contributors: @dismad, @squirrel, @tokidoki. It will also include a bounty payout fund for open-source contributions, and funding for external software and services.

Further, ZecHub intends to formalise the DAO into a legal entity and allocate funds for legal fees.

ZecHub’s DAO is now voting on this proposal. It is the DAO’s second major governance vote. See the proposal here: ZecHub DAO

If you can contribute in any way, please come and join us on the Zcash Latam Discord in the Zechub Channel Zcash Latam



ZecHub’s DAO has voted unanimously to approve the revised grant and to submit it to ZCG. See the results here

ZecHub will post the updated grant proposal shortly


ZecHub DAO Founder, Ian is stepping down from his position as voting DAO member.

The DAO is voting on a proposal to retain Ian as an advisor to the organisation and to continue providing valuable input on ZecHub comms, programmes & materials.

The proposal will also accept any governance NFTs held back to the DAO’s multisig address.

Update: ZecHub’s DAO has voted unanimously to retain Ian as an advisor. See the proposal and results here

If you can contribute in any way, please come and join us on the Zcash Latam Discord in the Zechub Channel Zcash Latam


ZecHubs DAO is voting on a proposal to donate the existing wallet balance received from the community prior to their successful grant application with ZCG

Options were presented to the ZecHub Community on discord on the method (single or split donation) and the possible recipients.

Update: ZecHub’s DAO has voted by majority decision to donate the existing wallet balance. See the proposal and results here

If you can contribute in any way, please come and join us on the Zcash Latam Discord in the Zechub Channel Zcash Latam


ZecHub’s DAO is voting on a proposal submitted by me to create a ZecHub Zazzle Merch shop.

For those with ZecHubDAO NFT’s please cast your vote by Friday June 24th, 1PM PST :shopping_cart: :zebra:

Thank you!



Just noticed the proposal was unanimously approved. Very cool and congratulations! Does Zazzle integrate with WooCommerce? I see mixed answers on Google. Is it possible to integrate Zgo into the ZecHub merch shop?

cc: @dismad @pitmutt @gottabeJay

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It is definitely possible to use Zgo woo-commerce plugin for a merch store (or any online store).

ZecHub wanted a more automatic fulfilment store where we don’t need to manually fulfil (print, pack and ship) orders. It’s not possible to take Zcash on the Zazzle store. They have their own payment processing. (There is a way where ZecHub has two sites, a cloned Zazzle site that takes payment only in Zcash and the Zazzle site where ZecHub manually fulfils orders; but that adds some manual work to the person who runs the store.)

Its totally doable. I think ZecHub should make an effort to take only Zcash for the merch store.


I’m not sure is the honest answer, but I’d love to connect with @pitmutt to find a solution.

I would love this option but it needs to be manageable, and legal , especially since to my knowledge no merch shops have this setup yet (Shielded support). US seems to be in a state of flux – wild times.


ZGo’s plugin for WooCommerce can be used on a WordPress e-commerce store. I’ll have to look into Zazzle and see if there’s something we can do to plug into it.


As part of our commitment to keep the community up to date on our unique governance experiment, I would like to announce a member of the ZecHub DAO has submitted a proposal to migrate the ZecHUB DAO to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

For those with ZecHubDAO NFT’s please cast your vote by the dates indicated. :zebra:

As always, public feedback is both welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you!


Unanimous decision ! Stay tuned for updates :heart_eyes: :zebra: :atom_symbol:


Next chapter has arrived, excited! :cowboy_hat_face: I’d like to note the following:

  • this is new for many – expect to get dirty.
  • As created, anyone can create proposals for the ZecHub DAO to vote on
  • I highly encourage anyone interested in this type of governance to participate
  • Will need a small amout of JUNO to submit on chain

Some ideas for first proposals:

1.) New logo for the DAO as seen as DaoDao
2.) Support for OSMO on the multisig
3.) Anyone interested in joining the DAO
4.) ?

Have fun! :heart_eyes:


I dropped a proposal to add an Osmosis account to the DAO. ZecHub DAO members, lets vote :ballot_box:

Already see some things we need to change :eyes:, feedback encouraged as always.


Let’s get this up to date!

Many things happened since our last update, but let’s start talking about the addition of new members to our DAO.

Back in July we mentioned the need of increasing the number of members to reduce the voting power of any individual members while increasing the minimum total number of voters required for votes to pass.

In that spirit, we started voting proposals and 4 new members were added: @Tecnopapapi, @gordonesTV, @aquietinvestor and @olisa.

They are all active members of the Zcash community who are collaborating in different tasks and areas. Welcome aboard.

New Logo for our Dao

After migrating to DaoDao.zone, one of the first proposals was to create a new logo to accompany us through our new journey.

@Minevg decided to give that task a shot and proposed her vision for such logo.

She had this vision of a clean circular graphic that “conveys the feeling of confidence, solidity and honesty” together with the global nature of Zechub.

The proposal passed, and here’s the result.

Creation of a Cross-Chain Osmosis account

As we proposed back in july, we voted for the opening of an Osmosis account for the DAO, to give the DAO the flexibility of operating with the flexibility of an Osmosis treasury wallet.

But we also added a multisig address in the Stargaze chain, and associated it with the Stargaze name “zechub”.

This allows us to send and receive NFTs to and from our multisig in an easier way. It also allows us to display all of our Stargaze names in our treasury pages as NFTs.

A new store

As part of our funding efforts, we opened a store in the Zazzle website, but it only takes payments using Cards and Paypal.

We want to set the example by opening a store where supporters can pay with their ZEC. In order to set it up, the store requires order fulfilment billing, which can be paid using cryptocurrency. So we opened a proposal to convert $250 in assets from the DAO treasury to pay for such order fulfilment.

After the voting passed, 16.35 WAVAX and 690 Juno were converted. ¿Want to give the new store a check?

ZSA and Minor Grants

And to finish this update we have to mention our plan to create some educational videos about Zcash Shielded Assets.

These videos will be made via a collaboration between Shielded Labs, ZecHub and QEDIT, with the goal of informing and educating the public about what Zcash Shielded Assets are and why they are important.

The plan is for Shielded Labs to take care of the research and writing, while ZecHub handles production and animation.

The project will start with one video explainer, but the goal is to create a whole series. Funding for this proyect is capped at $200 from the DAO treasury, and we’re hoping QEDIT can join the efforts.

And finally, another voting passed to apply for a Zcash Foundation Minor Grant of $7000 to extend the Zechub Bounty Program to midlate 2024, since it’s planned to end in december 2023.

The ZecHub Bounty program has been succesful in distributing ZEC to Zcash community members who are willing to collaborate in the creation of educational material about Zcash.

The goal is to improve the quality and increase the quantity of the content released, so we can reach a larger audience. By expanding our funds we can accomodate more collaborators who can help achieve those goals.

You can read a draft of the proposal here


Congratulations on the progress that ZecHub DAO continues to have! :clap::clap::clap:


Time for some Governance Updates :partying_face: As a reminder Anyone can put up a proposal for the ZecHub DAO :zebra: :student:


proposed by @Iogy
results: :white_check_mark:

As a first project, the Zcash Design group decided to help ZecHub with a project that aims to improve the professional appearance of ZecHub’s YouTube channel and website.

Proposal A20

Add Olek to the ZecHub DAO

proposed by @dismad
results: :white_check_mark:

In the interest of further decentralization and resilience I propose to to add Olek to the DAO. He represents the Itailan community and has useful experience and knowledge of working with ZecHub.

Proposal A21

Display ZecHub DAO Stargaze NFT’s

proposed by @squirrel
results: :white_check_mark:

NFT’s are an integral part of cryptocurrency ecosystems. Displaying NFT’s is mutually advantageous to the creators and holders. It also has potential in growing awareness for the project, our Zcash Bounty Program and Privacy advocates / Cypherpunk community.

Proposal A22

Enable Retroactive Compensation module for ZecHub DAO

proposed by @dismad
results: :hourglass:

One of ZecHub’s key ideas is that Education should be open-source and accessible worldwide. This module allows anyone in the world who already completed open-source work, to submit for compensation from the ZecHub DAO if it aligns with our mission. Only DAO members can vote, and another proposal will be needed to start an official campaign with amounts, dates, and type of work submitted.

Proposal A23

Any questions/Concerns Let us know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Next week, ZecHub will conduct its first formal poll to assess the DAO’s sentiment on topics related to the Dev Fund. The DAO consists of 17 active members of the Zcash community who contribute to ZecHub. The results of the poll will represent ZecHub’s collective voice, allowing its community to express its unique opinions and perspectives. ZecHub hopes this initiative will inspire other sub-communities to poll their members on important Zcash issues and ensure their voices are heard.

Helios will be used for this poll, but other platforms may be explored in the future. The poll will be open for 5 days, starting on Monday, May 27 at 12:00am UTC, and will include 10 multiple-choice questions. Once the poll closes, the results will be shared on the forum. Additionally, ZecHub will host a community call in the Zcash Global Lounge on Discord to discuss the results.

More details will follow next week.