ZecHub Governance Updates

Hello Zcash Community

ZecHub has been in the process of decentralizing its operations and contributors since it began. The team has now set up a minimal viable governance structure, and is now officially a DAO!

The team will be posting any governance proposals in this forum thread so the community can stay up to date on this unique governance experiment. Here is a link to the hub’s first governance proposal.

Let us know what you think!

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Always good to be part of a DAO, especially ZecHub :heart:

Let’s build! :rocket:


Agreed! :heart_on_fire:


Let’s DAO :rocket:


ZecHub’s DAO is voting on a proposal to expand on Dismad’s grant Zcash Education Contributor (ZEC) - dismad, to include more ZecHub contributors and to build ZecHub to be the best resource for Zcash education.

The revised grant will include compensation for ZecHub’s 3 main contributors: @dismad, @squirrel, @tokidoki. It will also include a bounty payout fund for open-source contributions, and funding for external software and services.

Further, ZecHub intends to formalise the DAO into a legal entity and allocate funds for legal fees.

ZecHub’s DAO is now voting on this proposal. It is the DAO’s second major governance vote. See the proposal here: ZecHub DAO

If you can contribute in any way, please come and join us on the Zcash Latam Discord in the Zechub Channel Zcash Latam



ZecHub’s DAO has voted unanimously to approve the revised grant and to submit it to ZCG. See the results here

ZecHub will post the updated grant proposal shortly