ZecWallet Fullnode export transactions

I running the current version of ZecWallet Fullnode ( v0.9.10 )
and working on my taxes. It would extremely useful if I could
get my entire transaction history into an exportable csv file.

The ZecWallet Docs website shows this transaction export
function certainly existed at some time in the past:
… but it’s not there on the menu in the current version.

Is there some way to get this information from the embedded
zcashd - maybe starting zcashd directly from a shell and using
some zcash-cli commands? Thanks for any ideas.

I’m not sure about ZecWallet functionality because I mainly use the Linux zcashd CLI but since ZecWallet fullnode uses zcashd in the background it should be possible to access the CLI directly.

I use listtransactions to see a list of all transactions made and received. There are many other RPC commands that may be helpful for accounting: https://zcash-rpc.github.io/listtransactions.html

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Zecwallet Fullnode 0.9.11 lets you export transactions from the menu. (File -> Export all transactions)

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Thank you so much! 0.9.11 exports my transactions perfectly.