Updating FullNode V0.8.3

The full node version V0.8.3 has be deprecated an will no longer run. I’m looking to update the node, however was not able to find the required resources to do so. Can anyone point me in the right direction to update accordingly. Thank you

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Just so that I’m clear on this, the current full node iteration of zcashd 2.1.2 is linux only, and does not have a supported application for windows, is this correct?

Also, the ZEC Wallet full node v0.9.11 referenced above appears to be a third party wallet provider, does ECC review and support this software?

@BroMiner The core “zcashd” fullnode software is published by the ECC, is Linux command line only and has no GUI.

To make Zcash more user friendly, the Zcash Foundation sponsors @adityapk00 the ZecWallet developer to make more user-friendly wallets for Windows, Mac, and Linux. ZecWallet fullnode runs the ECC core zcashd software in the background and adds a user-friendly GUI on top.

There is also ZecWallet lite which uses a remote “lightwalletd” server to avoid having to wait for the entire Blockchain to download and sync. ZecWallet fully syncs in just a few minutes.

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Thank you for the clarification, and the kind gesture.

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I’d stick with the lite wallet right now. The ZecWallet has been buggy for a while requiring re-scanning the chain. And for some reason the option to rescan was removed with the UI update, so you have to launch from cmd to re-scan.

That bug was fixed. If you are on the latest Zecwallet, this is not an issue.

But I do agree that the Lite Wallet is the best solution for the majority of folks who don’t need the extra features that come from using a full node.

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