Help Test out the new Zecwallet Fullnode

Recently, Zecwallet was awarded a grant to refresh the UI for Zecwallet Grant Proposal.

The new UI is now available for beta testing. If you are running a Zcash full node and would like to try it out, please head over to the Download Page and download it!

Please note:

  1. This is very much beta software, and very likely to contain bugs. So please use with very small amounts of ZEC, or better yet - with the Testnet.
  2. This is the full node version of Zecwallet. The Lightwallet version should come soon.

Expected behavior?

This is unfortunately expected behavior. zcashd doesn’t store outgoing z transactions, so Zecwallet can’t get them, which causes these wonky tx histories.

Of course, the solution is to use the lite wallet which keeps accurate history of funds.