Zecwallet Lite to manage programmatically

I looked at Zecwallet Lite website and it says Zecwallet Lite is also available as a library for use inside other projects. Does the library does rest calls underneath?

All I need is to control the wallet from my program somehow. REST, library… anything. We have our system hosted in cloud and need to use our wallet programmatically.

I hope to avoid using full node zcashd daemon to run and communicate with. Unless there is no other way. I want something lighter for the goal I have,

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zecwallet-light-cli is a CLI tool so you run it with parameters.


it doesn’t have the same security properties as a full node, but it’s probably more stable.

We use it in https://zbay.app and it works!


We need somehow to control it via REST. It is written in rust and we do not have expertise in that. Any way to control it via REST or we have to change this library code in rust? We can call CLI commands within python at server side but it would be not the nicest solution.