ZF Grants news + Zcon1 livestream playlist

Two quick updates!

  1. You may have seen this already in the “FAQ around grant ideas” thread, or on Twitter. But just in case… :confetti_ball: “Two Bounties Awarded and a ZF Grants Update” :partying_face: Definitely read that blog post if you’re interested in fundraising on ZF Grants.

  2. The Zcon1 livestream playlist is now available on YouTube! YouTube has a reminder feature that will notify you when a particular livestream starts. Look through the playlist and see if there are any talks that you’d hate to miss! Thank you @ryan.taylor for setting it all up :yellow_heart:



ZF Grant - what’s it? And how much is that ‘grant’?

Thanks for sharing that! I’ve been so busy getting ready for Zcon1 that I haven’t been able to promote the livestream or the grant proposal.


Bout 6 1/2 hours! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sapling:

1 hr 45 min

Its gonna be 35 presentations total plus what we hear come out of the workshops and such…
Your minds going to blow…and then melt


We just started and I already feel like my mind is melting, lol. That jet lag :sob:


Correct livestream link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL40dyJ0UYTLLjPZaKjdhMoCNanb77_Ztj

(Also fixed above)


I know Sonya has already posted the link to the play list

@acityinohio gave an amazing talk on governance. to be fair I don’t really like voting stuff. But his attitude and eloquence gives me real faith in the foundation.

from that stream

No hesitation, firm direct answer.

Shame I couldn’t make it there in person. (Still haven’t had time to watch all of Zookos talk, the audio was really quite on my phone, idk why.)

The talk on responsible disclosure, really gives me the shivers. I get his reasoning but it has been proven not to work in virtually all other tech areas. A remote exploit in cisco routers would be worth more than a print free zec vuln. Is there a mailing list I can talk to these people on? I am happy to provide references and qualifications as to my experience in this area.

Silent patching? really? you don’t think people will RE the patches? it happens every 2 weeks when Microsoft silently upgrade. Again great talk, but it goes against everything I have ever been taught about vuln disclosure (finding and selling vulns was and is a hobby/side income of mine) Id love to have a more in depth discussion about this.

Was that an ECC talk or a Foundation talk? - if it was an ECC talk what is the foundations opinion on it, because it will become their problem after 2020.


The rest of the videos are up