ZF Quarterly Report for Q1 2021

ZF’s Q1 2021 Quarterly Report is now available.

Q2 2021 is currently being drafted and will be shared soon.

Thank you for your patience as we progress towards a consistent reporting schedule.


What a superb rebooting of ZF’s reporting! Thank for for this clear report. I especially appreciate this chart:

It’s very helpful to see this breakdown of resources put into different program focii, even if they’re within technical category of engineering (Zebra vs. FROST), I imagine the boundaries are a bit fuzzy when people are engaged in several programs, but that’s fine, the rough estimate conveys a lot about de facto priorities. Looking forward to seeing this pie gain more colors. :slight_smile:


Nice report. Thanks for putting it together. I didn’t read it all, but I thought it was great to start with articulating the value of privacy on the first page.

I was a little amazed to see the holdings of the ZF: $27,439,857 USD equiv.
Do you feel you are lacking in good ideas to spend this on? Or is there a lack of people who are capable of making this money work (i.e., by paying them to do useful things)? Or, is there insufficient decision-making capacity to spend the resources responsibly?
I would suggest that more vision is needed. This is a lot of money to be sitting on.

What if you decided to spend this out in 10 years? ZF is not a profit-seeking company and does not need to think like one. Let’s make privacy ubiquitous. How about partnering with the EFF or something to develop a vision? Keep pushing it!

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Was really good to see this report, would be curious to know if there are plans to integrate ZebraD with a wallet/create a wallet.
Also keen for someone ZOMG, ZF to fund shielded HW support - I know Trezor has been approved but 1year is a long time to wait for that.
Would also love to see multiple shielded HW solutions, not sure how transferable the Zondax Sapling work will be to Orchard? Also think Keepkey was mentioned as a potential grant recipient.
Shielded Multisig would also be cool so interested to see continued progress on Frost

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Dude, the state is of shielded support in hardware wallet is as clear as the sky at night, during a storm, in the desert.

Zondax says the Ledger team will only release their app with sufficient ecosystem support. So, Ledger is saying that they have chicken and egg problem when we fund the Zondax application to solve the exact chicken and egg problem. :roll_eyes:

Let’s pray (if you happen to believe in God) or hope that the Trezor grant results in a better outcome.

I have faith that the Trezor grant will deliver a better outcome because they don’t need to rely on a third party to my knowledge.
But would prefer not to wait 13 months for the project to be delivered, from when they start.
My understanding is ZEC wallet or another desktop wallet could apply for a grant to integrate the Zondax app and voila problem solved, but none of the wallets seem to be interested or too busy?

There are two issues with zondax ledger app atm:

  • it doesn’t expose the full viewing key and thus spends cannot be detected
  • signing a tx takes several minutes

The first issue is a blocker, the second one is a major inconvenience.

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Do you think it’s difficult to fix the first issue?
Although the 2nd issue isn’t great long term, short term I’d be happy to live with it for shielded HW support

I don’t know. I opened an issue 3 months ago and didn’t get any reply.

If this issue was solved, Zwallet could have Ledger support.

It’s an unfortunate but not too big an issue because Zwallet has cold wallet spending.


Ok that would be awesome if we could get that fixed and add support in Zwallet.
Hopefully others in the community also want this so it can be given some attention