ZFND and ECC candidates


With the very sad news that Shawn is stepping down, it leaves me a little concerned as to the future operating relationship between the ZOMG and ZFND.

Apart from Shawn being an all star community representative, he was also the ZFND representative.

Given the issues that some of the ZOMG have brought forward, and the very reasonable solutions @Dodger is suggesting. I really think it is important to have another representative from the ZFND run.

I would also really like it if the ECC would field a candidate. The ECC is in the best position to be able to help projects and evaluate projects.

is there any chance that @alchemydc is in a position to stand again? I thought he made an excellent pitch last year, and really liked his ideas. The benefits through his connections and knowledge gained at the ECC and previously in security make him a very valuable asset.