Zingo The Alice and Alice Communication Protocol

Folks interested in designing communication protocols frequently use a thought experiment with conventionally named actors Alice and Bob playing the roles of the would-be communicators.

Zingo’s focus on leveraging privacy to allow for Self-Awareness can be expressed as, developing an Alice and Alice communication protocol. This idea is a little tongue-and-cheek, but not totally. Our community often frames its thinking with Alice and Bob so it’s reasonable to use that frame to present an argument.

One of our arguments is that Self-Awareness is impossible without privacy. When I discuss the benefits of an application that keeps track of one’s own financial history without sharing that insight with anyone else, the conversation often touches on “Who else is listening in other systems”.

I think that there’s an interesting point here, Zingo offers a benefit with respect to uncertainty. It’s difficult or impossible to know which actors are aware of any public data. With Zingo that unknown, about your own transaction history is removed.