ZIP-317 Wallet Dev Call Announcement

Aditya @aiyadt from Nighthawk and Nate @nathan-at-least from ECC are hosting an open public call focused on wallet developers for the Zcash ecosystem all about ZIP-317, a proposed change to transaction fees in Zcash. The purpose of this call is to answer questions and gather feedback from Zcash wallet developer teams about the ZIP and to coordinate adoption and deployment of the fee changes.

ZIP-317 is a proposal to require transaction fees to be proportional to the number of inputs and outputs involved. Our intention is to ensure transactions pay fees proportional to the cost they impose on the network. This call will include a short presentation on the history and status of transaction fees in Zcash, an overview of ZIP-317, and a discussion of deployment planning.

The meeting is scheduled for 2022-11-10 from 18:00 to 18:50 UTC. This meeting is specifically aimed at Zcash wallet developers and service providers, whether end-user apps or service/application-integrated wallets, and it is also open to the public for anyone else interested.

If you are interested in attending, please email nighthawk24 at gmail to be invited to the meeting.


Hi all, I won’t be making today’s meeting because at ECC we’re laser-focusing on scanning & UX performance for the immediate term. ZIP-317 is still super important, so I hope to see more progress on this front. I have a lot of gratitude for @aiyadt for driving a lot of this ZIP’s progress, including this meeting!

ECC will return more attention to fees after we reach some key milestones on scanning/UX performance.


1up @aiyadt

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Following the first Wallet Dev focussed call, there was a need to continue the conversation for wallet developers to stay in sync and avoid duplicate work or overlap.

Going forward, the devs will be meeting bi-weekly during the Light Client Working Group sync-up. GitHub - zcash/lcwg: Light Client Working Group project management repository

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