March 26, 2021 - weekly forum update

Here are your weekly Zcash updates:

  • ECC is hiring. Check out our career page to learn more about these openings: Developer Relations Lead, Senior DevOps Engineer, Head of Regulatory Relations, and Digital Marketing.
  • Have you heard about Unified Addresses? ECC is collecting feedback on a proposed upgrade to improve the UX for Zcash transactions moving forward. Check out this Github issue for more details.
  • Travala now supports Zcash. Book your summer travel with ZEC today.
  • ICYMI - here’s a recording from Zooko’s presentation at Priv8 Summit this week.

Mark your calendars -

  • 3/30 - This month’s Zeal call features Yan Zhu from Brave and Jay Graber from We’re trying something new this month - Zeal calls will be livestreamed. Subscribe to ECC’s youtube channel to get the latest alerts.
  • 4/27 and 5/25 - We have great speakers lined up for the next two Zeal calls: Ashkan Soltani, Robin Berjon will discuss Global Privacy Control in April and Julia Angwin will discuss journalism holding big tech accountable in May. Read more here.


  • Completed CentOS 7 build for Bithumb
  • M1 Mac setup and troubleshooting builds for iOS LightClientKit
  • 50% through github data export for some Tekton vs BuildBot comparison data
  • Testnet Faucet rewrite initial requirements written, to be pared down for practical delivery time
  • Transaction metric delivered for wallet team

Core Team

  • Published 0.5 release of the Rust crates which includes Data Access API, ZIP 302 memos, and significant improvements to trial decryption
  • Merged a large part of the initial Orchard implementation
  • Transaction builder is nearly complete aside from proof creation
  • Draft ZIP 302, Standardized Memo Field Format merged
  • Fixed two bugs related to creating transactions with no change outputs
  • Unified Address requirements and scoping work
  • NCC specification audit interim readout on the 22nd with a follow on this afternoon


  • Level of Effort estimation for security input for Unified Addresses


  • Max Amount/Full Note spend bug identified, squashed (huge thanks to core for the support), now working on an easy recovery strategy for affected users.
  • More in depth iOS logging deployed on team release
  • Team testnet build for Android to flatten in flight feature development and bug fixes
  • UA contributions and effort estimations

In the news, EFF and internet advocates call on ISPs to commit to protect basic user privacy. A Visa study shows that 25% of credit card users in LATAM want to experiment with cryptocurrencies. That’s all for now folks!


Not sure I understand well about unified address : Is the goal to have one address that includes the possibility to both make transparent and shielded transactions where the choice would be made via the wallet?
If so, that sounds great in terrms of usage improvement!