Nighthawk update for October 2022

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2022, the Nighthawk team continues to maintain the lightwalletd service infrastructure, Zcash Block Explorer, and work on a light client strategy for 2023 & beyond for Nighthawk Wallet. The present syncing times and experience remain degraded, and our priority is to get the ZIP-317 changes adopted & implemented to reduce the impact on light clients.

Nighthawk Wallet updates:

  • Transition the Unstoppable Domain Name Service endpoint from Alchemy to a self-hosted.
  • Continue reviewing & testing upcoming changes in the light client SDK.
  • Plan towards adopting Unified Addresses for Sapling and Transparent pools only before adding Orchard pool support.
  • Provide ongoing end-user support to users of Nighthawk Wallet via Twitter & ProtonMail channels.
  • App Changelog is published at

Light Client Working Group:

Goal: Keep up-to-date versions for zcashd & lightwalletd to continue providing high availability public infrastructure for light-wallet based Zcash applications.

  • Upgrade main-net & test-net services with zcashd v5.3.0
  • Monitor lightwalletd servers and increased bandwidth demands.
  • Maintain 100% uptime via load-balanced main-net and single instance test-net services
  • Continue maintaining the monthly warranty canary on

Goal: Provide a fast, lightweight, Tor-enabled, no-tracker/no-analytics/no-logging Zcash transaction explorer.

  • Upgrade zcashd to v5.3.0 for Zcash Block Explorer.
  • Monitor increased load on due to both visitor demand and zcashd resource usage.
  • Continue working towards architecting & estimating costs for a test-net version of Zcash Block Explorer.

(On Hold) Zcash <> Thorchain Integration

Goal: Add Zcash to Thorchain to enable decentralized ZEC trading and LP incentives.

The Zcash implementation is currently on hold following upcoming conventional transaction fee-related changes and optimizations for zcashd core node software. As for the Zcash-specific Thorchain work, the following items are pending:

a) Work on bridging ancillary Python code for integration tests.
b) Executing smoke test suite on updated test-net infra with zcashd v5.2.0+
c) Work on xchain.js wallet APIs for Zcash to support upcoming changes in conventional fee structure.