ZOMG Meeting Minutes 11-23 and 12-7-2021

Hey Zcash Zeal! Here are the latest meeting minutes and ZOMG public Dashboard.

My apologies I accidentally skipped a week posting, so here are the last two ZOMG meetings minutes;

ZOMG Google Meet Meeting: November 23, 2021

[Minutes taken by Danika]

Meeting minutes:


  • Shawn

  • ML_Sudo

  • Dan Wolande acting as ZF resource

  • Danika Delano acting as notetaker

  • Hudson unable to attend but left notes on Signal


Signal Discussion Summary

  • Dan summarized the discussion in the signal chat: 1) All members agreed to reject the New in crypto career proposal 2) Hudson is not able to attend this meeting 3) Jack will update the committee shortly about the next election timeline as he is closer to getting clarity from legal council regarding Conflict of interest

Zcash Blockchain Infrastructure (zBI)

  • ML told Shawn she did not view this grant because it is not live. Shawn said they can punt on it as they haven’t officially submitted a grant yet and Hudson has good technical questions that he will ask on the forum; Shawn also let the members know that he asked the applicant to submit it all the way since it is in draft form on the grant platform.
  • Shawn summarized the grant: they make a crate on Kubernetes and make a mini network out of the box using the Lightwalletd and Zcashd network. Hudson also posted several questions on Signal that he later posted on the forum.

Cake Technologies Zcash Mobile Wallet Design & Development

  • Shawn read Hudson’s reply on Signal: “I read the latest CakeWallet feedback on the forums and Dan’s email. I am very satisfied with the responses. I also agree with Michelle’s response that we should ask about the light client infra they plan to utilize (theirs vs someone elses), but that isn’t a deal breaker to me at this point. I am a strong Yes for them.”
  • ML asked Shawn his opinion. Shawn mentioned that on Twitter Space Edgewallet announced that they will be supporting lightwalletd and they used ECC’s SDK so they can choose to run it on their own or use current lightwalletd servers. ML asked if it was trivial to run a liteclient? Shawn said he thinks so and said he’s leaning toward a yes (to approve the grant). ML said she is a yes, also. Shawn summarized that there are 3 yeses so they can officially approve; he thinks that, overall, it’s good for the ecosystem, the more wallets the better.
  • ML volunteered to respond and will tell the applicant in the next few days then then wait till after Thanksgiving to post on the forum.


  • Shawn noted that they have not officially submitted anything and, judging from the scope, it will be very large (1 year). He voiced that if the applicants end up submitting during the interim period, he would advocate for it being on the next ZOMG’s plate due to the scope and longevity. ML agreed.

Dan’s updates

  • Dan informed the committee that they received a $60K Thorchain contribution for the grant and asked them if they were comfortable with ZF paying out milestone 1, as he believes Nighthawk are about to work on (or are working on) milestone 2. Shawn was happy about the news and reminded everyone that Thorchain said they would cover Eric’s portion if he doesn’t come through. ML asked if they ever connected with Eric. Dan explained that Eric reached out to him and then stopped responding. Shawn postulated that once Thorchain pays, it’s probably easy for Eric to pay them back; he feels comfortable moving along now that they made this contribution. ML agreed.
  • Dan summarized that the Metamask Style grant team has mismatched information; Dan read the direct correspondence and noted that they have videos of how the wallet works as far as the UX component; he thought it looks promising, and has asked the team to post on the forum (he shared the Discord link with the others); he summarized that it sounds like an internal team issue and he’s not sure what ZF’s involvement should be. ML asked if they should pull the grant and ask them to resubmit (if they can agree on a team structure). Shawn posted a link to the videos of the work they have done and said that it sounds like a personal difference on the way funds are being distributed and thinks it would be good for ZOMG to have a call with them to see if they can work it out or pull the plug. ML asked if their work is quality. Shawn replied that he thinks so. ML agreed that something meaningful may actually be going on here and agreed that setting up a call is the best way to move forward. Shawn volunteered to coordinate a call with the Metamask team.
  • Dan let them know that he and Danika took care of the Hanh grant; the grant with the correct milestones has been approved and the old one has been cancelled.
  • Dan brought up that they had previously discussed that ZOMG wanted to post in conjunction with the election announcement informing the community that they are still on the committee and accepting grants in the interim. He asked the members to reach out to Alex about coordinating with ZF’s announcement of the election cycle. All members discussed their understanding of the estimated timeline of the election and ZCAP opening.

ZOMG Google Meet Meeting: December 7, 2021
[Minutes taken by Danika]
Meeting minutes:


Hudson Jameson
Dan Wolande acting as ZF resource
Alex acting as ZF resource
Danika Delano acting as notetaker


  • Updates from Alex & Dan (ZF)

Alex informed the committee that Daniel T, who manages the current grant platform, will no longer support it (there is no ability to make additional changes) so we identified a fantastic one that we would like to sign an agreement with; the new system is highly customizable and it can guide requestors through the system in a way we are unable to do currently; ZF plans on implementing the new system when new crew comes on; Daniel T will continue to support the current system until all the current grants in the platform are complete; the new ZOMG will have a chance to give input on the forms and processes implemented in the new platform. Alex added that the new platform will segregate the ZF grants from the ZOMG grants so it will be cleaner. Shawn commented that a grant platform update will be great.
Dan shared that the Metamask fiduciary has been decided so we are just waiting on their KYC docs.
Dan offered to share reference links related to the QEDIT grant.

  • Zcash Blockchain Infrastructure

Shawn shared that Teor from ZF asked good technical questions on the forum and pointed out that they are technically-focused instead of need-focused; Shawn voiced that he is inclined to support it too, especially in the NFT space (he agreed with Hudson’s support that he previously communicated via signal).
ML asked, from a user perspective, what happens if it’s built? Hudson explained that the user doesn’t have to run all the current liteclient infrastructure (they can use Amazon web services, for example); it gives them easy access to their own node or to connect to a Zcash node; when logging into Metamask, they can have a secure connection to send on ETH node; it will enable a user to use Zcash in an easy way and could minimize a public infrastructure crisis.
ML asked about people behind it. Shawn shared that John Akinyele’s brother is the founder of Bolt Labs, is a former grant recipient, and thinks his brother knows ECC. Hudson added that he has heard of Bolt Labs.
Hudson commented that $80K is very reasonable; it is specialized but one can do it fairly easily in AWS, although it’s hard to do it safely and secure; a lot of cryptocurrencies have an operations team that does some of what this grant does, so this is a good price.
Hudson said he is good with saying yes today; all members approved.
Hudson volunteered to follow up on the forums.

  • Start Zcash Community in East Africa

Shawn updated the committee that they have not posted on forums yet so there is no need to discuss until they do so.

  • Zcash LatinoamĂ©rica

Shawn summarized that it’s a father and son team that run the ZGo app on their own; it runs off of a small fee structure; the grant is to build a website with Spanish content focused on Zcash.
Hudson said he likes the grassroots nature and that they have a budget and schedule. Shawn commented that he likes that the milestones are extensive and have metrics.
Hudson asked if they have built websites before; he wants to know how they are going to build it and how slick it would look; the budget isn’t bad for a 6 month plan, but ZOMG should ask them for past examples of websites being built. Shawn agreed that they should get a feel for their experience; they just posted on the forum thread today so the community hasn’t had much time to get feedback; they can ask for a skeleton framework or if they have a template.
Hudson volunteered to follow up with the applicants on the forum.
ML added that she likes this grant more than the E Africa grant; it seems like there is a program behind this one. Hudson replied that they seem to have some dedication to zcash (referring to the ZGo app)

  • Shielded Assets (ZSA/UDA) for DeFi on Zcash (QEDIT grant)

Shawn explained to Hudson that in the last meeting, they agreed to wait until the next ZOMG crew to decide on this grant since it’s so large. ML added that everyone on the forums is excited and it is more appropriate for the new ZOMG committee to decide in January. This decision was reconfirmed.

  • Other

ML reconfirmed that she will not run for ZOMG re-election as the scale of changes that need to be made are still too large. She acknowledged the helpful contributions of Alex, Danika, and Daniel and referred to the last community call where she felt she did not receive the support the committee was looking for.
Hudson brought up that the next ZOMG is scheduled for a week that many take off for the holidays and asked if the others would like to reschedule. Everyone in the call agreed to reschedule to Dec 28 19:00 UTC


I really want to thank Hudson and especially Michelle and Shawn for selflessly spending their time to support the mission of Zcash even after their original term had run out and there was not a next Committee ready to take their place. Also Dan, Danika, and Alex for this support. The process and the grants are great, imho, and I really appreciate the thorough transparency.