ZOMG meeting minutes 11-9-2021

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Here is the most recent ZOMG meeting minutes and most recent ZOMG Dashboard:

ZOMG Google Meet Meeting: November 9, 2021
[Minutes taken by Danika]
Meeting minutes:


Hudson Jameson
Holmes Wilson (for a few minutes early in the call)
Alex Bornstein acting as ZF resource
Dan Wolande acting as ZF resource

Danika Delano acting as notetaker


  • Goodbye from Holmes

Holmes said goodbye and individually thanked everyone on the call; he said it was delightful to work with everyone on this wonderful project doing radical things; it makes sense that this process elected amazing people; he wished everyone well and hoped they work together or see each other in the future; he also left the door open for running for ZOMG in the future.
ML and Shawn thanked him for this positive outlook and the balance he provided the committee.

(Holmes dropped off the call after he said goodbye)

  • Cake Technologies Zcash Mobile Wallet Design & Development.

ML summarized that they left the last meeting saying that they should let convos play out on the forums, but the discussion didn’t develop; she brought up that Shawn had observed that everything is coming in at $250/hour. and added that she would like more info about this; she is for approving the grant with an asterisk of having justification on the price; she would like to ask the ZF and ECC engineers.
Shawn said that some of the considerations are 1) they are an established multicoin wallet 2) there are SDKs that are out there in their ecosystem 3) they have a fanbase in the Monero community; he added that privacy focused is a good thing and his only concern is that everything is coming in at $250/hour; he agreed that they should follow up with ECC and ask how much they paid for the Unstoppable wallet integration (or if it is in line with what they have paid in the past) so they can weigh it against this grant Dan agreed to reach out to ECC & ZF engineers about pricing
Hudson stated that hiring 5 devs for $200K for 6 months seems fair.
ML added that they should ask ECC & ZF if there is anything ZOMG should be aware of (like Hanh pointed out sync time); it’s good to make sure to make sure people on both sides are aware of what ZOMG is funding to create synergies.
Shawn asked a procedural question: ZOMG had previously had set a limit of $100K if only 3 out of the 5 members voted yes on a grant and asked if that should still be in effect for the interim period when there are only 3 members. ML replied that they don’t want to slow down the process if larger grants come in; the limit was set so that two members would still have a voice if they voted no, so the same rationale doesn’t apply now that there are only 3 members. All members agreed that the $100K limit should not apply during the interim period.
Action item: Dan will bring questions to ECC & ZF

  • Social Media Promotion for ZCash

All members agreed to deny. Shawn volunteered to follow up with them to deny the grant.

  • Zcash Skydiving

Dan informed the committee that this is the same person that made the parachute years ago.
Hudson said he was entertained by the idea but doesn’t want to set a trend of giving out grants to these kinds of things. Furthermore, the final product won’t bring that much awareness to the Zcash community, but he’s not a hard no.
ML said she thinks it’s fun and it’s good that the community is active; ZOMG should be fun sometimes.
Shawn added that the applicant has been hardcore Zcash on Twitter and for $3,300 (a small amount) for someone who has 40K Twitter followers, who is a Zcash diehard, it’s not a big deal to fund and it’s fun.
ML voted yes due to community fun-wise and to encourage community members.
Hudson changed his vote to yes.
Shawn volunteered to write the response on the forum; the applicant has been rooting for Zcash since Shawn joined Twitter.

  • Question from 1337bytes from the Elemental ZEC project

Hudson brought up that the applicant asked if the milestones are due in the beginning or end of the month; the applicant didn’t put milestones in the text of the grant but it is in the milestone tabs; Hudson said if it is completed around Nov, ZOMG will pay it out.
Shawn agreed that within the month is still within the same realm of acceptability. The estimate listed on the grants page is paid out when work gets done during the month it is due and ZOMG is flexible if any issues arise within that time.

  • Elections updates

Hudson asked Alex for an update on the elections.
Alex replied that they are waiting for a second opinion from legal counsel; Jack is following up with them daily, so ZF could hear from them any day and will post an update; he added that they have been surprised at how hard it has been to get a second opinion and this is a priority for ZF.

  • Dan’s Questions

Dan informed the committee that he reached out to Thorchain and Voorhees again and he has not received a response; in light of this and the fact that Aditya from NIghthawk has verbally requested a payout, he asked the committee to discuss this payout.
Shawn replied that the circumstances are beyond ZOMG’s control and they want to make sure the grant is fully funded before they officially approve; all agreed that ZOMG will not approve first payment until they get confirmation from the additional funders.
Hudson volunteered to get Dan in touch with Eric through a different channel.
Dan updated the committee that he contacted the Metamask grantees and they will provide an update on the forums; he is also in communication with Hanh to cancel and resubmit his grant with the correct milestone sequence.

  • Statement of ZOMG continuing

ML asked if ZOMG or ZF wants to put out a statement that ZOMG is continuing in the interim.
Shawn asked if the Foundation put something out yet and Alex replied that ZOMG had indicated at the last meeting that they wanted to do that but he is happy for the Foundation to put something out if that is their request. Shawn said that is correct but ZOMG didn’t complete it because next election dates are still unknown.
ML suggested they coordinate with the next election cycle.
Hudson added that, at this point, we thought we would have had a “this is the next step” from ZF to inform the community.
Alex reiterated that he will let them know when they hear from the lawyer and agreed that they should coordinate.