Zotac 1080ti amp extreme sol/s drops down

Im new here,
I would like to hear some suggestions,…
I have zotac gtx1080ti im having issue when i overclocked ut to +100core +500memo
1st 1/2 hr it reach 800+ sol/s but after 1/2 hr it drops down to 600 then 500 :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Pls help

Increase your power settings. But do it small amounts at a time.

You have it clocked to high… a 1080ti can not maintain a 800+ sol, back it down a little until you find a stable setting

looking at your picture, your AB settings are stock which is why the performance drop, reboot?

you can not SUPER overclock a GPU with DSTM, it will fail

I will try the other ewb +100core +500memo powerlimit stock fan manual 85%

I have that same card. It’s factory over clocked on the memory so you have to watch were it starts. For example, mine will start at 5500Mhz which I apply +100 Mhz. It can however drop down to a base of 5100Mhz which requires me apply + 500 Mhz. I leave everything else stock and it will maintain around 780 Sols/sec consistent. The card is a power hog and will use around 285W with just a memory overlcock.

I use -500 on the memory and the hashrate stays the same, no need to oc the memory on 1080 ti?

Scotty we need more power!!! Also what vram do you have. The zotac often have crappy hynix ram. That can’t be stable for 800 sols. There are only a few 1080ti that can be stable in the 800+ range. Zotac is not one of them I think. Also the screen shot shows Msi afterburner without any oc.