Zwallet & Ywallet Testing (RELEASED!)

I really like YWallet :+1:
I just started getting familiar with it. Right now I have ZWallet, which I’m exploring. So far I can’t figure out where the transparent address is and how to copy it to send coins. I can only see and make a copy of the screened address. I am asking the Zcash community to help me with this.
Thank you.

Tap the QR code on the app and it will toggle from z to t and back

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@covfefe sorry, it’s that simple :flushed:
Now I understand why mr @hanh was hard on me. Not everyone has that much patience.
Once again I confirm for myself that YWallet is Fast and Furious!


I downloaded the YWallet mobile app yesterday. I don’t understand at all what Key and in what state the app requires to log in. Spent a lot of time, but it did not work for me to log in.

  1. I don’t understand;
  2. Creating a new account, right?
  3. Using an existing seed phrase, right?

“Backup Encryption Key”, what does it mean?

One you’ve figured it out, post a Ycash yaddr & I’ll send you some coins to play with.

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@ChileBob you are a generous mr, but I don’t play games. I prefer learning Y/ZWallet. I haven’t figured out the problem yet.

Errm, games? Not sure what you mean, the coins are so you can try out the wallet - sending, receiving, storing contacts, etc.

I’d be sending them from my Ywallet (which also supports Zcash) - works great for me & I’ve been using it for ages.

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I’m sorry, I must have misunderstood you:) I would be grateful to you, but I need to solve the problem with logging into Y/ZWallet.

I don’t even doubt that after a while, I’ll be pretty good at it, too.

Did you press the emergency reset button?

@JRGB no, I have not seen such a button at all.
Sorry, I misled you. Yes, I pressed it. I’m trying to get it right now.

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Ye just ignore it! only press it when the app makes problems or crashes

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@JRGB I realized what I was doing wrong. My waiting period should have lasted a little longer.

If I understand correctly, the QR code makes it possible to enter the wallet without entering the seed phrase, right?


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Start with the docs at Documentation | ZWallet

@pumpkin_patch you won’t believe it, but for the past three days ZWallet has been my board book. I may have missed something, but I haven’t found the answer to my last question yet.

Typically QR codes are for payments as a fast, easy way to fill in the address and amounts by just scanning it. If your key or seed is in a QR then yeah but you wont have to do it every time


Yes! you can enter your seed phrase via a QR code. also you can copy and paste it in.

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:+1:t3: :handshake:t3:

In the YZW app, “seed is in a QR” is the QR code that displays the t/z address, right? Or does “seed is in a QR” have to be prepared by a third-party app?

ZYWallet has the feature to export the seed phrase as a QR code. So it also has the feature to import by QR code. But you can also copy and paste. or type it in manually.

Got to settings > backup and tap to see the QR code

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@JRGB thank you, you are a good person, kind and patient. I now have a pretty good idea of the right ways to enter YZW.

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