Zwallet & Ywallet Testing (RELEASED!)

Been busy for a while and now I’m back to continue my “journey” through the YZW mobile app. I have a few questions that I can’t find the answer to.
I typed the seed phrase (1), but the button (2) is not active. What could be the problem?

QR code cannot be scanned by the YZW application because the QR code itself does not fit completely for scanning.
P.S. Further discussion on Y/ZWallet: mobile app (Q&A) topic below:
Y/ZWallet: mobile app (Q&A)

That looks like a key and may not be formatted correctly, seed phrases are comprised of a couple dozen words or so


Have you been able to setup a wallet on YZWallet?

Would this be a reason that ZWL would show a higher total balance than the same seed phrase input into YWallet?

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@skyl Take a look at Sub-Account :: YWallet.


Good afternoon, my :black_heart: crypto community!)
I might have missed something, now my ZYWallet doesn’t sync until the last block. Need your help. Thanks.

The last 15,000 blocks can be scanned from half an hour to 3 depending on the power of the mobile device.

Try to change the server

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Syncing my very old Zcash wallet on the Nokia CrapPhone ™ with the latest Ywallet…and it still works ! This is a very low power phone

EDIT: Synced!!! Took about an hour to get through all the spam.