0.3.4b flypool cant double click to run

I’ve change all the parameters and saved the file with bat extension. But when I double click, it shuts down immediately. Only the 0.3.0 was able to run. Using windows 10. All security setting advise has been followed.

Anyone having similar issue?

I’m going to guess you may need to change your environmental variables, have you added system32 to your %path% or GPU variables for you user? (Type env in the search🔍 for the environmental variables, the system32 variable is more important than the GPU variables)

The common GPU variables are in the Claymore manual Claymore's miner environment variables — Ethereum Community Forum

I’m really sorry I dont understand what u just mentioned. I didnt put any variables. Just the miner, mining pool address, my wallet address, user and the pass x.

Is there a sample of what u mentioned that ur able to copy paste here for me? Would really appreciate it

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Perhaps you should elaborate a little more on what exactly is happening, like I said this is only a guess

Ok. So I edited the flypool and inserted the

miner --server us1-zcash.flypool.org --port 3333 --user t2Yg1Z6BVtV4855xHrN44xLayx46YnhHSSL.Zcash --pass x

And save the file as startminer.bat

Supposedly it should run after double clicking it. But it doesnt. Only the flypool file in version 0.3.0 is able to run for me.

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It sounds like it has to do with the software and not the variables I mentioned above, is there a difference performance-wise with running the older version? If not I would just stick with what works honestly, some miners work and some don’t I know that much.
You might look at the changes made between the 2 versions and see if you can pinpoint the problem there

Does this program require an exception be made in the firewall/anti malware virus software exception list?

The 0 3.4b cant run so I’m not sure what’s the performance. But reading online I saw people say they are getting 340 to 360 sol/s for gtx 1060, which is what I’m using. The 0.3.0 file runs smoothly and is getting 300 to 317 sol/s

I applied the same thing from 0.3.0 file to the 0.3.4b file but that didn’t work either. And I also applied the same firewall etc etc to both folders. Funny thing is every bat file in 0.3.4b cant be executed

Do you already overclock? From that minimum 300 to the maximum 360 is only a 15% increase, something changed in the new version and that’s why the programs won’t execute I’m guessing, sorry it’s guess night for me!
If you don’t overclock already you might be able to tweak the performance and get that little smidge but otherwise I wouldn’t really worry about it (if it runs stable especially that’s something to be proud of)

Yeah its overclocked. Zotac gtx 1060 6gb amp. Gpu clock to 170 and memory clock to 700. Fan at 75%, temp at 74C

Can you post the release page? I’ll take a gander and see if anything jumps out at me sorry not much help

Release page meaning? Sorry I’m not familiar. Lol really sorry

The page where you downloaded the miner, it usually will include information about what changed between versions

Ok https://github.com/nanopool/ewbf-miner/releases
Seems like most of the changes have to do with settings and the addition of the configuration file so make sure everything is compatible with that but otherwise you might be stuck with the old version because of “bug fixes” which like I said isn’t really that uncommon, good luck

Ok. Thanks alot for your help