1 - 12 gpu mining rigs for sale. single or 48 GPU clusters

after six months of development we can offer ready to use mining for small and large scale mining operations,

currently our most powerful single rig has 7,2 kh/s

we do not treat heat as a waste but as a added bonus of miners so…

on special demand we offer our innovative heat extraction system which allows of reuse heat produced by miners for different purposes. ( house heating for example )

based in London, ( north east )

shipment worldwide

everything custom made tailored for needs and depth of pocket.
we manufacture most of components, limiting Chinese supply of parts to minimum and favouring British manufacturers.

contact 07850021510

due to high demand, respond via email can take up to 24 hrs


same here. building rigs since January. based in London ( north east )

very competitive prices.
every device tailored for needs, and depth of pocket.

single rigs and rig clusters up to 48 gpus in one device. redy to instal in mining centre

contact on 07850021510 or ulamprox@gmail.com


Hi Ulam or Roman,

I have great respect for people, especially when they are knowledgeable, in your case unfortunately I am struggling.

First of all, as you did, you should start your own thread. I do not want to be mixed up with you. I will never post in yours, not even if you had 1M replies and I had none.

In your 5 sentences post, there are more than one discrepancy.

On this post What psu for 6x (or 7) r9 fury nitro? dated March 17th 2017 you are asking help to build your own very first rig so saying you are building rigs since January is contradictory…

Also a quick glance over at your Poloniex chat history (very recent) polonibox.com it seems you haven’t much of a clue on how to get around the crypto world (asking how to exchange ZEC to GBP?!) … I wonder what kind of support and advise you give to your clients after you sell them a 48 GPU rig!!!

I welcome honest competition, I am confident of the product and service I offer but despise liars.

Get your things together and move on please.


because im not working alone. in march tkanks to this post i joined forces with 3 other people. after coupl of days of brainstorming . teram was already 13 people diffrent branches of industry, manufacturing, machiene design, termodynamisc, other branch of techology. it took us time from march till end of may from concept to product. and my poloniex its just a shot of my own “piece of cake” that is a small lego technic budget for my son. i still dont understand term candlesticks, and i dont want to, i have other people to do it for me.

i stumbled upon your topic by accident, and i made my own couple of minutes later. i hope you don’t think that a little of competition is a bad thing, but basically were not targeting in casual miners, rather people with money, custom machines and large scale operations, wich includes construction companies beeing able to adapt your house for beeing heated by miners, or build you a data centre.

and again normally i do not bother myselve with forums, that was a exception.

and about a supprot? door to door in whitin 24hrs in all european cuntries. + evrything you do. we dont use team speak because its too easy to hack.

dont judge a book by its cover.

btw are you able to build a 200 rig mining farm in witthin a month?

if not than we are not competition.

we have diffrent targets.

Priceless. I love this thread.

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