GPU mining rigs European supplier London based Vega RX580 NVIDIA 1070 1080Ti single mining rig to farm setup

Two years in trade.
Months of research and thousands of pounds went into it (including: Firepro S1950, Intel 6900K, 12 cores Xeon processor, R9 Nano rigs etc)
Own & successfully run a mining farm in London

Import some of the hardware directly from the manufacturers (Middle East and China) and the remainder (GPU & PSU) from some of the biggest distributors in UK, Germany and the whole of Europe.

I supply:
a) Plug & Play RX570, RX580, Vega, Nvidia 1070 and Nvidia 1080 Ti miners
b) 14 days return (returns at buyer expense)
c) direct phone & remote PC support throughout Europe
d) payment by bank transfer, cash on collection/delivery or BTC
e) VAT invoice or VAT free to European buyers with valid VAT number and same shipping address as VAT registration
f) volume scheme discount to mining farms (5+ miners)
g) fast shipping throughout Europe for £125 + VAT per miner (shipping on pallet for safety)
h) open, robust, stack-able stainless steel frame (you could stand on top of it without a problem) free from wood or other flammable parts!
i) delivery and setup included in the price to Central London buyers if two or more are purchased at the same time
l) remote software updates
m) change between Zcash, Monero, ETH & ETC and others at a click of a button from the desktop
n) Windows 10 OS Enterprise installed. It does not require activation to mine
o) peace of mind: by owning and maintaining my own farm, shall a problem arise with pool, wallets etc, I will encounter your very same issue and will be able to advise promptly.

System comprise:
Intel CPU
DDR3 memory
Fast 100GB SSD (500Mb/s + 125000+ iops)
Windows 10 (not activated)
1000W 80Plus Gold PSU or better
6 x RX570 4GB, RX580 8GB, Vega, Nvidia 1070 or 5 x 1080 Ti graphic cards

Can also supply switches and any other hardware you may require.

As you can see it is based on the classic setup (I do not explicitly state brand/model because hardware may change depending on availability but performance/reliability will not) except… it comes with some fundamental tricks/upgrades. To name just few: PSU even power distribution, custom made risers, remote hardware switch off/on/restart via mobile phone, bloatware free Windows 10 with custom settings, 24/7 operation with automatic restart and auto-login on system/miner failure. All of this and more to insure a smooth, hands free and consistent mining operation.

GPU brand/model may vary from system to system, depending on supplier’s availability. GPU are always sourced from the UK for warranty purposes.
GPU BIOS are all custom modified by me and are based on individual cards models.

TAX savings: as a business you can deduct miners costs from your taxable income under capital expenses.

3 to 5 days turnaround for 10+ miners.


How much for 4x r9 nano rig please?

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Haha :slight_smile: I knew this was coming

£1995 + VAT + shipping

5 days lead time from cleared funds

Only 1 available at this price

More can be ordered but will be priced between £2285 & £2385 + VAT + shipping

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So about £2300 all in?
If you dont mind me asking how much would you sell an r9 nano for individually?

£2395 inc VAT to be correct + shipping if required (only one 4 x R9 Nano miner at this price)

I would rather not price individual hardware. There is an overall margin on the rig to cover for time, R&D and ongoing support (all of which comes implicitly, i.e. won’t sold a rig cheaper because support is not required etc, is an intrinsic part of the deal)

Hi there, I am nearly to London. I am very much new to Ethereum mining. But I would like to setup Etherum mining. initially I want to set up 1GB/s and I want to increase later. Can you please help me set-up this mining from A to Z? As I am new, i need support to setup and start at initial level. Please let me know your thoughts and suggest at this point

That’s absolutely fine.
Please give me a call to discuss.
Many thanks,
+44 0207 866 2386
07448 620428

Hi! Are you still building rigs?
If yes, what are current prices?

£2129.76 for RX570 4GB 7000 Mhz
£2222.56 for RX580 4GB 7000 Mhz
£2408.58 for RX580 8GB 8000 Mhz

Prices will have to be confirmed when next stock will land in two weeks

Hi Ps. Can you please confirm that all of your GPUs have a full 36-month Warrantee? Especially since some Vendor’s are just 24-months, or non-transferable. Thx.


not all manufacturers offer 36 months warranty (mostly do but it depend on the card).

That is correct, warranty is always non transferable. I act as the retailer so for the first year any faulty hardware will have to be sent back to me (the retailer), I will forward it to the distributor which forward it to the manufacturer and then back again (it takes about 45 days). You can deal through the manufacturer from day one if you like but usually they recommend to go through the retailer on the first year.
After the first year, you can deal directly with the manufacturer (which may be a little faster) or if you prefer, through me still.

Any replaced card will carry the same warranty deadline as the original purchased card. I.e. if you buy a rig with cards that has 36 months warranty and you replace a card in let say 18 months, the replacement card will have approx 17 months warranty (if you receive it back after a month… for sake of argument)

I assemble the parts, I do not offer any warranty or replace cards or stock them for replacement. All the parts need to be sent back to the manufacturer, they are the ones deciding whether the hardware is liable for replacement or not (I.e. I won’t be able to tell if a hardware had spillage or not; they are the experts and the only ones able to offer a replacement.)

I will do my best to try and resolve any issue but ultimately I cannot be held responsible for hardware faults. Before is sent all hardware goes through a minimum of 24/48 hours burning test. If any hardware is faulty on arrival it will be identified then. At the same time, if you receive the rig and one piece of hardware is not working from the start, it will have to be replaced it, by going through the same procedure explained above. I understand this may seem unfair as you have ordered a new item. This is because is beyond my control if I send a working miner and it arrives with a piece of hardware faulty due to vibrations etc; after all, it would be against my own interest selling faulty PC. The only circumstance on which I would replace a faulty rig on arrival is if the courier damage it. In this circumstance, as all rigs are insured for their full value, the receiver should not accept the clearly damaged box, which will return automatically to the sender (myself) and I will resend another one. The buyer also have 24 hours from receiving it to notify me i writing if a rig is faulty (in part, i.e. a gpu or the whole rig) in which case I will have to take it on with the courier.

If the buyer accept a box (the rig travel in a box strapped on top of a pallet) and is clearly damaged on the outside, then the buyer is liable to return the rig at its own cost. This is all standard procedures and common sense. Every time I send a rig, I always give clear instructions on receiving it and be on the phone and remotely logged in, during the set up process.

I have shipped rigs to the UK and abroad (Europe) and so far (8 months) have had no any major issues what-so-ever (a dead card on arrival has happened once)

All faulty hardware must be sent back at the buyer expenses. I will bear the cost of sending back the replacement to the customer.

The manufacturer (or the distributor if the manufacturer does not respond within 28 days) can substitute the faulty hardware with the same or a better one, hence it could be that you receive a different hardware that may not be compatible with your rig (i.e. a GPU model may be not in production anymore after 18 months hence you may receive a newest model) in which case, mixing up different GPU models may not be feasible.

I always recommend to the buyer to buy a new hardware the moment one is faulty, to allow full mining without interruptions and sell the replacement when you receive it to recoup for the one bought (or keep it if you prefer so)

Hope this clarify.

Kind regards,


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Appreciate the response. Can the PSU be specified too? (prefer EVGA SuperNova). Have you found the Rx-500 series productivity (& power use) to be about the same as the Rx-400s? Also, (roughly) where in London are you based, & how much does one standard 6-card rig weigh (for collection)?

Hi @Fubar,

I can do Supernova although any specific customization will equal extra charges (depending on the model requested). All PSU I use carries a 5 to 7 years warranty, so regardless of the brand used, they should give you a fairly peace of mind. EVGA is not a standard brand I use, mostly for cost reason. It does not offer extra quality to justify the extra price. But please, prove me wrong, always willing to learn. The EVGA 10 years warranty is a gimmick, they have figure out what is their return rate after a certain period of time (let say after 5 years) and increased their prices to reflect any return after that. With the extra £50 they charge (depending on the model) I’d rather save and buy a new PSU in 5 years time… but that’s just me. In short the answer to your question is yes, by adding an extra charge.

I am based in Holborn, WC1N 3AD

The RX5xx serie is a copy cat of the RX4xx serie. Little if anything have changed, so much so that you can swap BIOS between the two on some of the closest models. It was a marketing thing, to refresh the brand, as they were late with the launch of the Vega they came up with a “quick” fix (don’t take every single word I say literally, is just a quick feedback based on my experience. There have been improvements here and there as there would have been with the manufacturing of any new card model…). In terms of power use, same story. There were some very efficient RX480 and now there are some less RX580 with the same efficiency but they are out there none-the-less. In this time of scarcity. picking the exact model is a luxury most miners cannot afford (unless you can wait a couple of months, in which case we should expect the market to be back to normal in terms of availability). I do pre-book all my cards (let say Sapphire) but by the time they land I have already sold them, so getting in the waiting list is critical, although does not offer certainty because even if I pre-order 500 cards, the distributor may or may not receive the whole lot they were expecting/ordered, depending on Sapphire production line.

Total weight is about 12 to 15 KG, depending on the cards. There are some lightweight one and some are just monsters.

The frame itself is made of 2 mm steel and weight about 5 KG. Although they are individually built, they can be stacked as high as you like (given there are fans at the back pushing the air away from within the cards). They would be bolt together and chained to the wall for security.

If you prefer to collect it, you have to do it by car, it can’t be carried by hand as you will get the rig and all the empty retail boxes (for hardware returns purposes) which comes in a ~60 x ~40 x ~40 cm box. I do not store clients retail boxes.
The first order I usually prefer to deliver it and set it up personally at your site (mainland UK for an extra £90 to £150 depending on location), that way, you’ll have that confidence of your purchase and a fair understanding of how to the system work (is not science fiction but there is quite a lot to take in if new to mining)

Hope this clarify.

Kind regards,


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Hi there
As a complete mining novice, I’ve really appreciated all your detailed posts and honesty.

I’m looking to buy an Ethereum mining rig and would like to do it through you. The only challenge, (apart from geting up the learning curve!) is that I live in Birmingham (somebody has to). I’m more than happy to drive down to you to pick it up in my car. However I was wondering if you’d be prepared to instruct me on how to set it all up beforehand?
I don’t want to inconvenience you, and would be prepared to pay for your guidance/instruction, if this is acceptable.

FYI I have limited software experience and some basic scripting knowledge (UNIX/DOS), albeit 20 years ago.

In summary:
Can I buy a rig from you? If so, which is best one suitable for beginner and what is the cost?
Can I collect by car and receive some instruction? If so, how would this work.

Many thanks in advance for you reply.

Best Wishes

Hi Melanie(?),

I do deliver to Birmingham, that’s not a problem. If you are flexible with dates/time, I would charge £90 (to cover my costs). If you want a specific date/time, then possibly £120.

I do suggest delivery on the first rig, because I will deliver it, set it up and spend as much time is required to make you comfortable about the rig & your purchase.

I do not ask money in advance, only the delivery fee which is non refundable (I cannot drive around the UK for free) and once you are happy , the miner is up and running and you see some ETH balance on your pool (usually within 10 minutes) then we can settle the invoice either by bank transfer, BTC or cash.

You can indeed collect (which if you consider the time, fuel etc it will cost you probably the same £90) and the miner is plug and play, which mean once you get home you just have to plug the Ethernet cable, power lead and it will automatically start mining on your wallet; the only thing you would not be as confident as if I set it up and spent an hour explaining everything.

You are welcome to come and collect on the subsequent purchases.

I suggest to get the RX580 4GB. Most of my mining rigs are like that. They are the most widely available cards
The price for these cards is £2222.56

The software installed is very easy to maintain. I use an unregistered copy of Windows 10 Enterprise which is a simplified version of Windows 10 (without Cortana, games and all the other non sense). You are free to register Windows if you like but is not necessary to mine, only if you like to customize Windows “appearance” (really?! :smirk:)

Other than that, you will need a monitor (not dedicated, just to setup the miner if I install it on site) a USB keyboard and mouse. Also a router with a free Ethernet port. If you like to purchase more than one rig but only have one free Ethernet port, then let me know and I will bring a switch with me (for an extra £20).

I believe that is all you need.

What I do need to place you on the waiting list is your billing and shipping details (in private) so that I can raise a pro-forma invoice and add you into the system. This is without obligations. I will let you know when the rig will be available and only then you should pay the delivery charge. You can still change your mind up until 72 hours before the agreed delivery date & time.

Hope this clarify.

Kind regards,


Hi, I’ve just started mining on my gaming rig while it’s not in use and am thinking about investing in a dedicated mining rig over the coming months.

Can you confirm what software you’re using?

Would it be possible to get a bare bones rig (everything but the gpus) and then add the gpu’s at a later date?

Hi Paulo(?)

Thank you for such a comprehensive reply (as ever).

I’m so pleased that you deliver to Birmingham, it makes me feel more confident that it will be all set up properly and get me mining straight away.

Is there an email address I can contact you on, so I can send you my details?

Many thanks again.

Melanie :slight_smile:

Hi Melanie,

you can contact me on

Kind regards,



unfortunately I do not sell parts, I wouldn’t know where my responsibility end and yours start.

I use Windows 10 Enterprise

Kind regards,