Zcash Mining rigs price update for central London, the UK and the whole of Europe

Hello fellow miners :slight_smile:

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the prices for the mining rigs I build as described on the link below.

RX470 4GB 7000Mhz 1000W Gold PSU £1746 + VAT (as low as £1609 + VAT if you buy 5 or more rigs and payment is made via bank transfer or BTC)
RX480 4GB 7000Mhz 1200W Gold PSU £1830 + VAT (as low as £1687 + VAT if you buy 5 or more rigs and payment is made via bank transfer or BTC)
RX480 8GB 8000Mhz 1200W Platinum PSU £1955 + VAT (as low as £1803 + VAT if you buy 5 or more rigs and payment is made via bank transfer or BTC)

Delivery and setup free of charge in central London if two or more rigs are bought together and delivery is to the same address.

VAT invoice provided.

Shipping outside Central London not included. Ship to UK £75 + VAT per rig; to Europe, £97 + VAT per rig.

Returns policy: after receiving the items, cancel the purchase within 14 days. Buyer is responsible to pay postage and organize for safe return. Item must be received in as new condition.

Hey mate, are you still building miners? thank you!

Ofcourse! :slight_smile:

Currently looking at 2 to 3 weeks lead time due to hardware availability issues.

Hi, I live in zone 2 london and will be looking to either build or buy a rig in the next few months.

  1. Would you be able to build a nvidia rig? it seems like the 1070s are more efficient with the latest miners.

  2. What would be the best way to contact you for further enquiries?


Hi Tim,

  1. I only build with AMD RX card (don’t build custom rigs. Spent 6 months last year to find the best software/hardware combination and continuously improving them)

  2. 07448620428 or paolo@2-k.com


What GPU are you using and what is the price for the RIG? I am looking to
buy 5 RIGs, maybe a discount price?

Hi Max,

there is a volume discount for buying 5 rigs together (delivery to the same address) and when reaching the 5th rig (i.e. you buy 2 rigs, then two more and another one, on the 5th, you receive the discount).

Both discounts are applied if you buy 5 rigs together.

As I am expecting delivery of GPU and motherboard (currently unavailable) prices need to be confirmed when they land.

To have an idea, would you be looking at RX570 4GB, RX580 4GB or RX580 8GB?

GPU brands vary based on availability. If you prefer a specific brand/model, lead time may be longer and rig’s price different from the general price list.

Kind regards,



I’m interested in the hash rate basically. I don’t have a preference for
the GPU model, you know better which one is more reliable. I’m looking for
the rigs to be around £9500, that is what I have right now. It is also time
sensitive, how long it will take you to build them after you have the


£9500 aren’t enough for 5 rigs, unless you are talking price excluding VAT. The only way this could happen is if the elections turns out phenomenally good (most votes to a single party) and by doing so, GBP gain vs USD, in which case the price of the GPU would drop considerably… in our dreams…

Currently there is a 2 to 3 weeks lead time (due to hardware shortage)

Once the hardware is back in stock, it will take about 7 days to get them ready, tested and delivered within the UK.

Kind regards,

Then @PaoloS you need to change your pricing in your original post! In all three options listed the cost of 5 rigs (for every single option) comes in well under the £9500. – you also do not list how many GPU’s per rig. You should also date the pricing along with something like “this price is only good for two weeks from this date posted”, this protects YOU and the Seller.

I don’t know about your exact area but in the US and on newegg.uk ,the RX580 series are less expensive than the RX480 series.

EDIT** So, being from the USA I had no idea what VAT was/is… I looked it up… OMG what a horrible TAX! if it is still 25% then I retract the above post because cost + vac would be <10k


How much will 5 RIGs cost me and what is the expected hash rate/RIG? Do I
have to pay VAT?

Thank you!

Hi Max,

5 rigs RX580 8GB will have a (minimum) hashrate of 1500H/s on Zcash and 155Mh/s on ETH

VAT is payable by consumers, if you are a business customer & VAT registered, you can claim the VAT back.

5 rigs, bought together, including discounts, would total £11,442.89
This price is for rigs orders with a 3 weeks lead time; if you like them asap (next week) there will be a £150 surcharge per rig, to cover extra hardware costs (I will buy the motherboard off a business instead of a distributor, whose currently don’t have any)

Delivery and setup in UK mainland (depending on location) goes from £90 to £150

Hope this help,

Kind regards


Hey Paolo.

Few questions if you don’t mind answering:

  1. What would the delivery cost be to Zone 4 London (South Woodford)? Not quite central I guess but pretty close!
  2. Also, how heavy are the rigs (approx.) - i.e. i’m trying to ascertain whether I could get it delivered to Zone 1 and take it back with me on the glorious central line.
  3. I’m specifically interested in the RX 580s 8GB - what is the cost for that?
  4. Are the rigs overclocked and optimised i.e. with what confidence level would you consider the rigs to be output the maximum mining hashing rate?
  5. Three week lead time you say?



Hi Bobby,

  1. Delivery and setup London Zone 4: £90
  2. You can’t transport a rig by hand. Too dangerous. It weight 15 kg and all the empty retails boxes are coming with it as well (rig: 50cm x 40 cm x 30 cm weight 15 kg, empty boxes: 60cm x 40cm x 30cm)
  3. Next batch will be ready end of July, beginning of August (not definitive ETA as yet will update this thread as soon as I know for sure; i.e. when I will have hardware on hand). Prices & specs will be released near that date.
  4. Mining is NOT about squeezing every single Mh/s from the a single rig or GPU, is about running the rigs as cool and as efficient as possible and scaling the business (buy / build as many rigs as possible). YES, they are optimized for hashrate efficiency.
  5. See point 3.

Hope this clarify.

Kin regards,


Hello Paolo.

Am I right in saying that each Etherium miner runs at 150M/H’s?

I’d like to buy one please, although quite possibly two.

I love just outside of London so can collect them. Is it just a simply plug and play set up?

Kind regards