1 MinerMachine=1000*GTX1080 it is Unfair


20 miners have 1/6 hash all zcash network…

is it unfair to all of miners.

20 miners earn 550 zcash /day …and have 4.8MH hash…

1 MinerMachine’HASH=1000*GTI1080…

Unfair? It’s free market dynamics acting exactly the way you would expect it to. I doubt you’d find it “unfair” if you had the capability to produce that much hash rate. Although, for the life of me, I don’t understand why they aren’t solo mining; a pool has no advantage with hash rate like that. That leads me to think it’s rented hash.


I agree, that much H/S it is some group like NiceHashMiner or gpumining.co and others that buy/sell it.

I’m about $250k (usd) short of starting my Zcash farm. Already found the building, power is included in the lease (silly people!!!).

Figure 200 days at current pricing, 371 days if it drops back to… well it’s not going to drop back so I’m not going to say the amount.

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@CitricAcid what Gpu are you going to use in your farm?

buildings farms is awesome

i enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I agree it was something like a NiceHash rental. It is very easy to rent very large amounts of hash rate … not so easy to make a profit.

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well… once I get my 250k it’ll either be Fury X, radeon pro, or whichever vega is water cooled. The power might be free but cooling could be a problem so why not help it where I can.

The cooling thing is true, but i also think the sapphire nitro fury is the best, 350-420 h/s for $240
But it takens 370 watt out of it self (can be undervolted for 270 watt) but since you’re not paying for power, it’d be a great choice because of the higher ROI

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The Fury Nitro doesn’t take anywhere near 370w, Out of the box they are 270w, I now have all of mine running at 210w each card at stock clocks with a -80mv undervolt doing 430H/S each.

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Oh nice, could you please help with my fury’s

Wich one is the good one? Or are they both the wrong ones? And I mean wich one gets those benchmarks

And sorry for bad english

Are you sure your cards aren’t taking more power? Did you measure power draw at the outlet for the whole rig? You should not believe the manufacturer’s power claims, and you also need to measure the increased draw through the mobo. We’ve found that cards draw an additional 50W or so from the mobo in addition to the power drawn from the GPUs power supply.

@sebastiaandekok wonder where you buy them for $240…

It used to be $240 on amazon (see my post, i have a screenshot on there) but the prize went up

Measured at the wall and subtracted the system draw. It’s accurate+ or - 1watt. It’s the manufacturer claims (guidelines) that are not accurate.

I see this ending up in court :slight_smile: