1 year Zeropond 20 H/s mining contract for sale

Hi everyone,

I’m selling 1 year contract for 20 H/s Zcash mining with Zeropond. All contracts are sold out at the moment.

If interested ping me.

I’ll pay $1 for this contract.

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If my calculation is correct and the global hashrate doesn’t vary much (HUGE assumption),
then this is expected to yield roughly 2 ZEC…

I’ll give you 1 Dogecoin


They did upgrade the hashrate by 4 times since this post but that’s still ~ 8 ZEC (or at current prices 0.8 BTC for a ~3 BTC priced contract) and I think we can safely say the hashrate is only going to go one way :arrow_up:

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1.1 doge

twenty …

Lol, give the guy a break. A lot of people burned hard with those mining contracts.

That’s why you should always build your own rigs. At least you can use it instead of paying for heating in the winter :slight_smile:

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Yes it is unfortunate these cloud mining companies took advantage of people and refused to do the right thing for there customers,my advice is to pool together with others and raffle of ur hash rate so no body pays much for a chance to win a decent amount of soles,I am sure you stand a better chance of recovery your losses this way as there is a very large community and am sure lots would buy tickets for this,the more hash rate you can round up the more chance of success and plenty people looking to offload these ridiculous contracts bought in good faith worth nothing now,open up a new thread and see if you can get together with other like minded people.

2 solid satoshis for this wonderful contract